7 Most Amazing Aquariums

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Aquariums are one of the coolest ways to enjoy water life while keeping your own feet firmly on dry land. Implementing them into your own habitat can be fairly basic, or you can get super-creative, as the following examples will show you. Here are seven really incredible aquariums that people have really thought ‘outside of the box’ to come up with!

Aquarium Television

1. Aquarium Television

This is a really creative aquarium look, and it’s just as easy to make one as to go buy one. Just an old console-style television, the type that is encased in fashioned wood, holding an aquarium, and voila! There you have it: An aquarium that is an attractive piece of furniture.

The ‘Aquadome’ Cylinder Aquarium

2. The ‘Aquadome’ Cylinder Aquarium

The Aquadome is a cylindrically-shaped aquarium which is housed at Berlin’s Radisson SAS Hotel. The aquarium stands more than 82 feet high and holds more than 235,000 gallons of seawater. Residing therein is more than 55 various fish species! This aquarium is so large it tends to lend a surreal aspect to the lobby of the hotel, almost making one feel as if the entire area is transparent, in effect.

Telephone Booth Aquarium

3. Telephone Booth Aquarium

This incredible eye-catcher was created as an entry in the 2007 Fete des Lumieres, or Light Festival, which is held annually in Lyon, France. The designers were Benedetto Bufalino and Benoit Deseille, and it is simply a phone booth which has been successfully transformed into an aquarium.

The iPond

4. The iPond

Amid much controversy is the iPond, an insane cross between an iPod and an aquarium which encases a real fish in a minute amount of water, fits the get up with a speaker, and allows you a clear view of your tiny pet. The controversy stems from the fact that the fish is kept in such a small amount of water that animal rights activists claim it cannot get enough oxygen, and if the temperature of the water drops or soars the fish can die from the change. They also believe the entire idea should be banned.

Automobile Aquarium

5. Automobile Aquarium

This crazy creation is located at Bangkok’s Siam Paragon shopping center at the Siam Sea World, and is nothing more than a refurbished car filled with water and stylized to handle the water and the little lives therein. It’s really cool to look at, but you wouldn’t want to try to drive it.

The Aquarium Potty

6. The Aquarium Potty

It’s a toilet…no, it’s an aquarium…no, it’s an aquarium toilet! Yes, that’s right, an aquarium toilet. This interesting piece gives a whole new meaning to the saying, “I won’t pee in your pond if you don’t swim in my toilet.” Ponder that one in your spare time.

Aquarium of Jellyfish

7. Aquarium of Jellyfish

Now technically this shouldn’t make the list because the jellyfish are no more than artwork made from light and displayed in aquarium-style fashion. These are pretty entrancing, as the jellyfish change color while they swim around in their virtual world, and I guess not having to feed them or change the water is a plus, too. It’s like having a pet without any responsibility. Just pay your power bill.

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