6 Most Uncommon Schools In The World

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Education is utterly important for anyone. Studying at school, college or universities, we obtain basic as well as specific things, which are surely needed for having a normal life. Parents are so busy with finding the best schools and such things as assignment help, personal trainer, tutor and so on. They wish their kids attended common schools, where their kids gained knowledge, wisdom, and experience.

Nevertheless, what if trying something new and “uncommon”? You might be surprised, but there exist many schools around the world, which are very uncommon and ever weird. Nevertheless, they may be beneficial for you kid. Do not judge from the first glance.

Here are 6 pretty uncommon schools that you might find interesting.


A school-cube in Copenhagen, Denmark

This amazing school is actually one giant classroom. This is almost unbelievable. It engages nearly 1,100 students of high school. The lessons take place in a large glass cube. This is a wide space, which is divided by the so-called “drums”. It is convenient and beneficial for creativity and flexibility of thinking.

A school that teaches “dangerous” things, San Francisco, CA

In collaboration with parents, children are taught really dangerous things, including games with fire, disassemble and assemble household appliances and so on.

A floating school in Makoko, Nigeria

This school is located in the coastal region. It is actually floating, as originally, it was built to maintain the level of water in the lagoon. This school engages at the same time 100 students of all ages.

A school without gender division, Stockholm, Sweden

This school is uncommon due to gender equality. The major aim is to overcome stereotypes and make children grow with no differences.

A school that has an individual approach to everybody, Australia

At first, it may seem that this school is simply very colorful. However, the main goal of the school is to listen to the wishes of the children. Their program is individual and it may be slightly corrected by teachers and parents.

A school, which alike an office, Ohio, United States

This school is designed as one large office with 300 “cells” for the students. Each student is provided with a PC and an individual training program.

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