54-Year-Old Guy Quits His Job To Become Full-Time Balloon Artist

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Meet Glen LaValley, or as he’s known among friends, The Balloon Guy. And there is a good reason why he bears this name.

For the big part of his adult life, a 54-year-old from Edmonton, Canada, was moving through IT and banking jobs, suppressing his true passion of turning balloons into impossible creations. He started 15 years ago by entertaining his daughter with balloon animals, but just recently his work was noticed by enough people so he could start doing balloon modelling full-time.

I’m way happier,” Glen said to Buzzfeed. “My life stresses are much different than they were before. Now I make my own destiny and I can choose what I want to do and when I want to do it.

More info: glen the balloon guy | facebook | demilked (h/t: buzzfeed)

That’s Glen LaValley inside the belly of a balloon troll


He quit his desk job to become full-time balloon modelling artist


“I started doing the balloons for entertainment…”


“Then I had people interested in booking me out”


“[since then] My life stresses are much different than they were before…”


“Now I make my own destiny and I can choose what I want to do and when I want to do it”


“People have hidden creativity that they don’t know they have”


“If you don’t try new things you may not discover the creativity within you”


“I like to bring elements of puppetry and technology into my balloons…”


“I’m kind of the crazy guy who looks to make things different”


“When I’m just looking for a positive uplift. I’ll just go to a cafe and sit in the corner and just start twisting balloons…”


“It just opens up a portal into other people’s beings and their positive energies”