5 Smallest Animals You Will Ever See

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All of us are used to the animals we have become familiar with in our world, and when we run into one we expect it, naturally, to be the same size as the others like it, so it is no surprise when we discover a common animal that is simply not measuring up. Sure they are small and cute, but do they ever boggle the mind! Below are five animals which are likely the smallest of their species on Earth, so get ready to ‘oooh’ and ‘aaah’.

 The 31”-tall Cattle

1. The 31”-tall Cattle 1

1. The 31”-tall Cattle 2

The Indian Zebu is a rare breed of cattle which looks identical to any other cow but on a much smaller scale. As mentioned above the average adult height for this cattle is only just under three feet. They are fully functional and really cute, only coming up to the underside of a normal-sized cows belly.

The 5 1/2” Chihuahua Dog

2. The 5 12” Chihuahua Dog

Mexican Chihuahuas are naturally small, high-strung, and a bit temperamental. Over their years in America they have gotten just a bit larger than their normal ‘teacup’ size, probably due to cross breeding, but the Chihuahua we are talking about, belonging to Danka Kordak of Slovakia, measures just under 5.5”. The smallest recorded was a dwarf Chihuahua which measured only 2.8” in height.

The Half-inch Long Chameleon

3. The Half-inch Long Chameleon

3. The Half-inch Long Chameleon 2

No kidding, this cool little lizard literally fits on a grown adult’s fingertip. While it is indeed a reptile it is simply adorable; there can be no ‘grossing out’ or getting the creeps around this little critter. It is simply to amazingly cute to be ignored, even by those with the biggest of lizard phobias! Just looking at the little guy makes you want to give holding him a try. He is simply adorable. The lizard belongs to the Brookesia Minima species of chameleon, and is breathtaking!

A 1/3” Long Fish

4. A 13” Long Fish 1

4. A 13” Long Fish 2

Just discovered off the coast of the Indonesian island Sumatra is the world’s tiniest fish, the Paedocypris progenetica, a species of carp. One species of male anglerfish, Photocorynus spiniceps, is currently appealing the ruling.

The World’s Smallest Cat

5. The World’s Smallest Cat

Measuring only 20” long and 6” high is Mr. Peebles of Illinois State. He is 2 years old and will never get any bigger; the feline fits in a small juice glass comfortably! He was named the Smallest Cat in the World by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2004.

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