5 Most Dangerous UFC Fighters

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Within the UFC the most damaging fighters to date are those individuals that present the largest potential of administering some significant harm to an opponent. As well, the most dangerous are also those that put agony and carnage as their goal when they step into the ring. It doesn’t matter whether these fighters always achieve victory or not, as they tend to be incredibly callous and extreme, with names that instill crippling dread into the hearts of the adversary when their names are even mentioned.

Alistair Overeem

1 Alistair Overeem


There is no way you can put together a most damaging UFC fighters’ list without including one with brute force and heavyweight capabilities. Hounslow, England’s 6 foot 5 and 256 pound native Alistair Overeem happens to be the largest, most powerful and aesthetically-frightening challenger anyone can come across in the ring. But can you imagine a fighter like this not possessing the ability of high skills, but rather the unsettling capacity to detect your dread? Nearly every victory won by Overeem has been through deterrent. In several of his fights he has managed to screw up the opponents so much that the fight was stopped by a medical professional.

Jon Jones

2 Jon Jones


This fighter isn’t Goliath dangerous in the sense of being a growling, blood-thirsty, muscle-bound lunatic. However, being 6 feet and 4 inches in height at 205 pounds he’s not exactly a midget either. Before Jones had reached his 25th birthday, he had obtained victory over four UFC champs that obstructed his road to ultimate combat magnificence, and he did it by assaulting each one in ninja-fashion. Some even say that stone and steel were used to forge his elbows. When striking an opponent with his elbows in the neck, head, shoulder or anywhere else for that matter, it literally feels like getting hit with a rock. This might be why they call him “Bones.” Contender Brandon Vera faced Jones in March of 2010 and actually got his face broken! If you’re not yet convinced that Jones is hazardous to your health then you should be committed to a lunatic asylum.

George St. Pierre

3 George St. Pierre


St. Pierre is a native of Montreal and is only 5’11 at 170 pounds, but this welterweight champ of the UFC is one of the best technical fighters that possesses some accurate striking. This makes him one lethal challenger that cannot be overlooked. He might be a sporting fighter, but don’t let that fool you into think he’s not severely dangerous. Each blow he lands on his opponent seems so methodical and delivers extreme damage. Not at all unlike Anderson Silva, George St. Pierre is a thinking combatant. Although Silva is the bigger of the two men, countless UFC fans would find a battle between these two men to be absolutely legendary.

Wanderlei Silva

4 Wanderlei Silva


Is it possible to comprise a deadly list of fighters without including an axe murderer? With no relation to Anderson Silva, this fighter is an absolute destroyer in the ring when he strikes with punches, stomps, kicks and whatever else he thinks of using to annihilate his opponents with. Although he’s just 5 feet 11 inches in height, this native of Brazil is huge, weighs 205 pounds and uses his weight behind every impressive strike he delivers. He can find out in no time how to hit any rival with every part of his body, making him unrelenting and extremely rigorous. Trust it when we say that this man delivers an atomic rear end drop like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Anderson Silva

5 Anderson Silva


Most people will tell you that spiders are horrifying and any fighter with “The Spider” for a nickname must be somewhat on the deadly side. This Brazilian at 38 years old is no youngster as far as fighting standards are concerned, but he can seriously screw you up with this 6’2 and 185 pound body frame. Anderson is nearly unmatched where striking is concerned and he will often use this strategy to psych-out his opponent, which results in them being left as only a fraction of the fighter that they first were at the start of the onslaught.

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5 Most Dangerous UFC Fighters