5 Greatest Coffee Shops Ever

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While any place selling coffee is going to be ‘jiving’ in my opinion, there are a number of coffee shops out there which stand a head or two taller than the rest. For one reason or another the owners of these establishments saw fit to take their coffee-selling adventures to an entirely new level, and it seems to be working out for them. Here are some of the most awesome coffee shops on the planet, so if you are a lover of the bean work one or two into your next vacation itinerary; it’s a MUST!

The ‘Pay-it-Forward’ Coffee Shop

1. The ‘Pay-it-Forward’ Coffee Shop

Located in South Carolina is the ‘Corner Perk’, a coffee shop serving the very best in piping hot coffees and featuring the most comfortable and hospitable atmosphere in the area. The difference between this coffee shop and your run of the mill café is that here everyone pays for everyone else’s coffee. Coffee lovers everywhere unite!

The Hammock Café Coffee Shop

2. The Hammock Café Coffee Shop

Here is an original idea: Rather than hang out on stools or on chairs around a table this place provides a unique seating option which is the epitome of comfort: Hammocks. Mounted from the ceiling and strategically placed here and there to provide for the very best socialization possible are these hammocks. They are just about perfect, but be careful getting yourself settled into one. You don’t want to spill your coffee and burn yourself!

Starbuck’s with the Wooden Sticks

3. Starbuck’s with the Wooden Sticks

Located in Fukuoka, Japan is a Starbuck’s with a twist. Rather than the traditional Starbuck’s décor this particular location went ‘out on a limb’. They have woven literally hundreds of wood sticks into the ceilings and walls, allowing them to protrude fairly randomly, resulting in a fairly incredible aesthetic effect for the Japanese shop.

The Earthquake Café

4. The Earthquake Café

Here is a coffee shop that ought to give you the tremors. The Earthquake Café, located in Spain, encounters earthquakes on such a regular basis that their patrons not only pay for the coffee, they pay for the experience. Now you can shake from the quake as well as the caffeine.

Dumpster Cafes

5. Dumpster Cafes

These are just what they sound like, only a bit cleaner and nicer. Large-sized dumpsters have been refurbished and brought up to code, enabling owners to serve coffee and other fares from the makeshift storefronts. They are inexpensive, convenient, and you will never have to worry about not having anything to talk about while you are having your coffee. These are designed and constructed by a pair hailing from the Netherlands, so the idea is liable to become big business.