3D Photo Booth Prints Personal Miniature Figures

Today you don’t have to be a Batman to have an action figure of yourself created: the Eye of Gyre gallery in Japan offers you to use a 3D photo booth, which instead of photographs will print out a miniature action figure of you. Brought to you by Omote3D, the photo booth welcomes visitors with reservations only and, even though pricy at the moment, might be the very step into a whole next concept of family portraits and photo albums.

Once in the booth, the visitors are required to stand still so that the 3D camera could scan them from hair color to the clothing texture. Single, couple or group portraits are available in different sizes of the figures. Assuming some outlandish positions is not an option, though, due to the technical limitations and the fact that you have to stand still for 15 minutes. The booth will be open till mid-January, so if you snooze – you lose!


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