25 Trippy Photos That Will Surely Pop Your Eyeballs Out And Leave Your Brains Hurting

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You may have come across some photos which makes your brain do a double take. At first glance, you will likely get some of these funny pics, but there are quite a few that may take you a little longer to figure out – and some that will blow your mind altogether.

Here’s another collection of mind-bending optical illusions; perfectly timed shots and artistic creations that would leave you scratching your head, questioning yourself what you know to be real, and wondering how they amazingly created.

Get ready to be blown away by some of these awesome optical mind benders.

This 3D food art really looks delicious.

3D food art

This resemblance of a stringed instrument brings music to my ears.


The shadow of these two strangers tells something more of a love story.


This super jolly lady looks gorgeous with her beard.

jolly lady

This man is such a great breakdancer.


You wouldn’t think there’s a human in this picture until you look closer.

there’s a human in this picture

Duncan must have been very overwhelmed by his fan.


You would think it’s a dwarf wedding until you take a second look.

dwarf wedding

This man looked like he’s floating… but he’s not.


So as this lady looked like riding on a flying carpet.

flying carpet

How dumb this guy is to get his head in this dog’s a**.

How dumb this guy is

Oh, that man just looked so horny.

man just looked so horny

 Is this somewhat related to Mr. Ed, the horse?


Oh, my! How can this possibly be?

How can this possibly be

 Those are really juicy-looking watermelons.


This makes my heart… rather my eyes go round… and round… and round!

my eyes go round

Who’s that guy creeping out on those hanged clothes?

guy creeping out

This is such a purr-fect shot!

purr-fect shot

Now, let’s role the… what?

Now, let’s role

This one’s got to be so tired of life.

tired of life

Nope! This guy isn’t sticking his hands down to his friends’ shorts.

friends’ shorts

Here comes the groom with his lovely (booty and big-boned) bride.


Did you just saw what I did? Two kitty faces in one head?

Two kitty faces in one head

And these two zebras with just one head!

two zebras with just one head

Now, I’m feeling my world has been turned up side down.

turned up side down

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purr-fect shot