25 Creative DIY Brainstorms! Part 2

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25 Creative DIY Brainstorms! Part 1

Old Wooden Ladder Bookshelf

11. Old Wooden Ladder Bookshelf 1

11. Old Wooden Ladder Bookshelf 2

11. Old Wooden Ladder Bookshelf 3

11. Old Wooden Ladder Bookshelf 4

11. Old Wooden Ladder Bookshelf 5

So easy to make, you could visit the link above but it would truly be a bit of a waste of time. If you want to refinish the old ladder then great. If you want to antique it, fine. Whatever fits your home décor needs and personal preference is what you are free to do, as endless are the possibilities as your imagination. Hang it on the wall horizontally and it makes a perfect bookshelf, as well as being a conversation starter from the get-go!

The Bathtub Sofa

12. The Bathtub Sofa 1

12. The Bathtub Sofa 2

12. The Bathtub Sofa 3

12. The Bathtub Sofa 4

This is a really cool idea, so if you like the photos you see when you click the link keep in mind you do not have to pay to have one of these for yourself. It’s easy: Acquire an old porcelain bathtub. Have someone skilled, with the right tools, who is able to successfully cut the tub into a ‘sofa’ shape of your preference. Do what you want; chaise lounge? Regular ‘couch’? Luxury davenport? Do what you and your family want to do when it’s cut.
Find or make some attractive couch cushions (you can find them at the local Goodwill or other furniture thrifts store; garage sales work great too). Clean them and throw them on the tub-couch. If you want cushioned arm rests simply fashion some smaller matching cushions or find a smaller cushion version that goes with your scheme. All of these can easily be fastened to the tub with adhesive-backed Velcro strips. Makes for super-easy cleaning too!

Folding Chair Wardrobe





This is a simple yet ingenious idea! You know those folding wooding chairs we use on our deck or patio in the winter? Maybe on the front porch? Well, since you got the new ones outdoor furniture set try this to put those chairs to use:
– Paint or refinish as desired; make sure to clean them up well.
– Hang them, open, at varying heights according to individual need.
– Open the chair and then you can hand your hangers on the ‘foot-bar’ along the bottom, while stacking other wearables, boxes, or storage items along to ‘top’, on the seat itself.

Perfect in purpose, versatile, and attractive! These will prove to be another eye-catcher that make your home look unique and cozy.

Cassette Tape Coin Purse

14. Cassette Tape Coin Purse 1

14. Cassette Tape Coin Purse 2

14. Cassette Tape Coin Purse 3

This can be done with an 8 track and the right-style clutch as well. Whichever you have on hand or prefer, make sure you can get the right tape you are looking for. If you find a coin purse or clutch you like that doesn’t cost much and fits the bill grab it up and buy it.
Now go home and gently pry the 2-piece cover from the tape of choice. Be gentle as to not crack or break the plastic casing; this can be done successfully if you us a narrow metal file, eyeglass screwdriver, or similar small prying instrument. Gut the tape out and fasten both pieces of casing to either side of your pouch or purse of choice. It’s a real trend setter!

Antique Bicycle Basin stand for the Bathroom

15. Antique Bicycle Basin stand for the Bathroom 1

Easy and very fun, all you need is an antique bicycle, a slab of countertop consisting of your choice of material and cut for your basin, and you need to know how to unhook your pipes and reassemble them again. Oh, and you will need tools. If these things are out of your grasp a pro will have them, but he will hand you a bill. This is one of the coolest ideas I have seen in a long time, and I am very tempted to go bicycle shopping!

Drum Chandelier

16. Drum Chandelier 1

16. Drum Chandelier 2

16. Drum Chandelier 3

16. Drum Chandelier 4

16. Drum Chandelier 5

16. Drum Chandelier 6

16. Drum Chandelier 7

Garage sales and second-hand music shops are usually the places to go, but you are going to need a set; even a cheap but appealing set from the local Walmart will do the trick. Anyway, simply use them for shades in any design you choose. This is easy to do and extremely attractive in any décor, as well as unique. Perfect hanging light for over the pool table or music room, or man cave.

Computer Hard-drive Tower Mailbox

17. Computer Hard-drive Tower Mailbox

Fun and quick, all you do is hollow out your ancient tower hard drive which is stored in the basement, clean it up, slap some decals with your name and house number, and install it over your existing mailbox. You can get more details at the link above.

Piano Outdoor Planter and Fountain

18. Piano Outdoor Planter and Fountain

Whether you just want a planter that makes them all turn their heads, or you want to put in a unique fountain, or you want both a baby Grand Piano or grand is the perfect option. Uprights make very interesting planters, and you can adapt the bench into the landscape any way you like. Have fun with this one.

CD Spindle is a Bagels Best Friend

19. CD Spindle is a Bagels Best Friend

If you love bagels, donuts, or croissants this is a great solution for keeping them fresh: CD spindles! You know, the kind your rewritable discs come in when you buy them. They come in various sizes, and if you make bagel or croissant sandwiches and take them to work you will be the only one with their lunch in a cd container; co-workers will stay out of your lunch at last! These things, amazingly enough, work wonders.

Console TV Aquarium

20. Console TV Aquarium 1

20. Console TV Aquarium 2

20. Console TV Aquarium 3

Now you can go online and spend an arm and a leg for a TV which is a reproduction created to be a fish aquarium, or you can shop around and buy an authentic old school console television (the sets which are mounted to a rotating surface are fun and versatile for this project). Just as with everything else gut the boob tube out and set your aquarium up inside.
Because the set has been gutted you can make it a two-sides set. All you need to do is get some other console front cover panels and knobs and install them on the back. Put it on a slow spinner and you have a hit!

Credit Card guitar picks

21. Credit Card guitar picks 1

21. Credit Card guitar picks 2

21. Credit Card guitar picks 3

A fun way to do ‘plastic surgery’! Put that temptation in the past for good by turning your credit cards into guitar picks. They make cool gifts for the musician in your life, and they are easy, too. All you have to do is get a Pick Punch, a hand gadget which will punch a pick out of any form of thin plastic. You can really have fun with this, and it carries a good price. Check the Pick Punch out at the link about, or find a similar product. You can also make one of your own if you are handy, creative, and ambitious!

Elegant & Simple Lightbulb Oil Lamps

22. Elegant & Simple Lightbulb Oil Lamps 1

22. Elegant & Simple Lightbulb Oil Lamps 2

22. Elegant & Simple Lightbulb Oil Lamps 3

Purchase new or save up any number of clear light bulbs (clear is preferred). Disassemble them, removing the inner workings from the bulb. This is a very delicate process. Next, carefully rinse and glass dust from the inside of the bulb and allow it to air dry. Take the ‘screw in’ cap from the bulb and make a hole in the very tip, the spot where it touched the lamp to draw electricity. Remove just enough to fit 4-6 inches of wick in, and then cut a tiny slit right off the wick-hole. Pull the wick through the hole so around 1 ½ “ are protruding from the screw cap; secure it in the slit you have cut.one end protruding from the bulb cap for lighting. Now you will fill the bulb not quite 2/3 full with clear lamp oil and replace the screw cap. Make sure that approximately 5 inches of the wick are submerged in the oil so it absorbs, assisting the lamp to main lit. Secure the top with a clear, thin layer of rubber cement; it peels away and makes refills easy. These bulbs will sit at a unique lean but will not tip! Keep the open flame away from fire hazards at all times, and put them out when you are not around.

‘Toilet-shoe-paper-box-roll’: Wireless-device Cord Organizer

23. ‘Toilet-shoe-paper-box-roll’ 1

23. ‘Toilet-shoe-paper-box-roll’ 2

23. ‘Toilet-shoe-paper-box-roll’ 3

23. ‘Toilet-shoe-paper-box-roll’ 4

You will wonder why you didn’t think of this…I am still slapping my forehead! Save those toilet paper tubes and get your hands on one of those high-end, big-name athletic shoeboxes for a kid who wears a size twelve high-top Nike basketball shoe (might as well think BIG, plus the cardboard TP rolls will fit better in a bigger box.
Determine if you want to arrange your box horizontally or vertically, because you are going to but a compartment in for larger cords. Cut a sturdy piece of cardboard which will fit either horizontally or vertically in the box, and will effectively isolate a fairly good-size compartment. Fit as many of your rolls into the remaining box space as you can. If you have cords left you can make the space for the large cords a bit smaller, or get them a box for themselves. Either way, your charger cords, USB cables and plug-ins, adaptors, and other wireless accessories will be neat and tangle free, each existing in its own space.

Grand Piano Wall – Hanging Shelves

24. Grand Piano Wall – Hanging Shelves

Perfect for books and for that individual flair, all you need is an old, non-working grand or baby grand. Hollow it out while maintaining the keyboard; you may need to touch this up to ‘perfect’ it, but do not go overboard; wood and paint will do to repair mars.
Install shelves throughout, as many or as few, anywhere you like, throughout the hollow, exposed inner piano. Bracket shelves are inexpensive and work just fine, but you can go to any lengths you choose. Once the shelves are secured (hopefully you took the legs off already) you can mount it on the wall as you choose. If possible, add knick-knacks, photos, books, or anything that speaks your name. A piano bench places below the display will add to the décor; add a candelabra, a doily, and some random sheet music and you are set!

Bottle-cap Tea Lights

25. Bottle-cap Tea Lights 1

25. Bottle-cap Tea Lights 2

It’s the mini version of the popular tea light, with a twist! Just gather some metal screw-top bottle caps (the kind from 40oz beer bottles work the best; you should also try to remove the caps so that the tiny perforated tabs along its rim maintain their integrity, so ‘unscrew’ gently!
Now you should have some tea lights you have either save up for this or bought special. Take a cap which DOES NOT have its perforated tabs intact and place it on the top of the tea light candle, pressing down with a circular motion until a clear guideline is left for carving the candle down. Taking a pocket knife or old paring knife (feel free to heat the knife a bit with a cigarette lighter or on a gas stove, but only for a moment. Carve the candle down to size, place it in the bottle cap, and place where you wish!

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20. Console TV Aquarium 1