20 Vintage Ring Boxes Transformed Into Historical Miniature Scenes By Curtis Talwst Santiago

Posted on Art 37

Dioramas are great, especially the grand military museum kind. However, a Trinidad-Canadian artist Curtis Talwst Santiago has decided to go the completely opposite direction and is making miniature dioramas inside vintage ring boxes.

The canvas is quite limiting, but that doesn’t stop Talwst, who has transformed these tiny boxes into a variety of amazing scenes. Some reference pop-culture, others history, and some are just artist’s memories brought back to life.

Apparently, it all started about 10 years ago when a Parisian street vendor gave Talwst an old ring box and told him to try and make something out of it. So he did, and he never stopped since! “I like to capture memories and fleeting moments,” he said to The Guardian“They feel all the more moving because of their fugitive nature.” He gets some boxes himself, either in market or on eBay, and gets sent some by his fans. All end up becoming tiny portals to another time and another world – which is the artist’s intention.

We’ve updated the list with Santiago’s latest marvels and we’ve got to say, these keep getting better and better!

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