20 Top Inventions That Will Make Life Easier for Everyone

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When we think what it was like to start coming up with some of the greatest inventions, many people must have though their creators were a little bit crazy, but smart. Like a couch that turns into a bed, or a car that runs on electricity? There are always new things being created and many of them have the potential to change your life. Here are some of the top inventions that are designed to do just that.

Backseat air mattress

1 Backseat air mattress

Made for people who need to take a nap on that long road trip and don’t want to spend money on a hotel.

Unlock doors without keys

2 Unlock doors without keys

Sick of losing your keys. There’s a mobile application that can lock and unlock your front door.

A pointing bookmark

3 A pointing bookmark

Ever reopen your book and have to think about where you last stopped in the middle of a paragraph. This helps you remember where the story picks up again.

Portable cup holder for the bath/shower

4 Portable cup holder for the bath shower

For those who like a nice drink while in the water and don’t want to accidentally knock it down.

Bowl with kernel sifter

5 Bowl with kernel sifter

Ever get tired biting into a kernel while enjoying a bowl of popcorn? This helps get rid of them before you enjoy your movie.

Self-cleaning brush

6 Self-cleaning brush

Anytime we get a chance to make housework easier is always welcomed.

Avocado multi-tool

7 Avocado multi-tool

It can remove the pit, slice, dice and allow you to enjoy your superfood quicker.

Batteries with USB port

8 Batteries with USB port

It seems weird, but will definitely reduce the number of batteries we buy in the store.

Cooking pan with separate spaces

9 Cooking pan with separate spaces

It can be difficult to cook pancakes and eggs on the same pan – until now.

Book holder for outdoor reading

10 Book holder for outdoor reading

Now you can enjoy your book outside without the wind ruffling your pages.

Egg yolk separator

11 Egg yolk separator

Now you can make separating the eggs a lot faster; a perfect tool for bakers and chefs in the household.

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

12 Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

A perfect gift for people who like to listen to music in the shower.

Heat sealer for plastic bags

13 Heat sealer for plastic bags

Has anyone ever had success using a plastic bag clip to keep their chips fresh?

Package holder

14 Package holder

A useful tool when trying to get leftover spaghetti or salsa into a freezer bag or Ziploc bag for later.

Core remover for peppers

15 Core remover for peppers

Because trying to cut out the core from a pepper can be extremely tedious and time consuming.

Flash drive with micro camera built in

16 Flash drive with micro camera built in

Take a quick picture and immediately upload the photo files onto your computer or mobile device.

Transparent toaster

17 Transparent toaster

No longer will you have to question how close your toast is to that perfect golden brown without checking for smoke.

Cake knife that can be a holder

18 Cake knife that can be a holder

Easy to quickly slice and serve for parties and special occasions; like children’s birthday parties where the kids are vocally impatient.

Tool for lifting chips from a tube

19 Tool for lifting chips from a tube

Because we already know you can’t just eat one, and some of us have big hands that can’t reach into that tube.

Nail polish holder

20 Nail polish holder

A great item so that you don’t accidentally knock over and spill that hot pink nail polish onto your carpet or bed.

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