20 Hilarious Comics That Perfectly Illustrate The Differences Between Cats And Dogs

Posted on Fun 109

There have always been two groups of people: dog persons and cat persons. And to get a better understanding of what separates them, let’s take a closer look at these hilariously illustrated differences between cats and dogs.

These comics are brainchildren of many artists from around the web who at some point looked deeper into this special relationship we have with our four-legged friends. And what they came back with is not only funny, but it’s also spot-on, as any pet owner will tell you.

What do you prefer? Cats, dogs, alpacas, or something else? Let us know in the comments!

demilked (h/t: boredpanda)

Image source: adamtots

Image source: Loryn Brantz

Image source: Binnie Cat and Friends

Image source: eleanorfox202

Image source: Sephko

Image source: pusheen

Image source: robthedoodler

Image source: Brian Gordon

Image source: http://pigtelligent.com

Image source: lingvistov

Image source: introvertdoodles

Image source: See Bang

Image source: Tubey Toons

Image source: The oatmeal

Image source: Cat Versus Human

Image source: Chelsea Kenna

Image source: Loryn Brantz

Image source: Bird Born