20 Brilliant Halloween Outfit Ideas For Parents With Newborns

Posted on Lifestyle 19

Some people use their newborn babies as an excuse to skip on parties and others use the same excuse to get creative.

Become a tower of the castle for your princess, a bodyguard for your president, or a leprechaun for your pot of gold – everything to show that a your baby is the most precious thing you’ve got.

The photos below will prove to you that having a baby doesn’t necessarily get in the way of celebrating Halloween, so don’t be afraid to have fun and go all out at the upcoming parties!

demilked (h/t boredpanda)

1 Mr. President

Image source: amberilyn

2 My Friend And His Daughter Dressed As A Work Loader From Aliens

Image source: rdt156

3 “Little” Spider

Image source: reireiinc

4 Baby Rapunzel Costume

Image source:  Megan

5 This One Is Actually Scary

6 We’ve Got This

Image source: kellyejensen

7 Super Mario Baby Carrier Costume

8 Baby’s First Halloween

Image source: thisplaceisnowahome

9 E.T. And Elliot Costume

Image source: costume-works

10 Totoro

Image source: heytamara

11 Awesome Costume

Image source: wrapyourbaby

12 The Baker And Her Cupcake

Image source: coolest-homemade-costumes

13 Leprechaun With His Pot Of Gold

14 Tandem Skydiver

Image source: committedmoms

15 Sloth Baby And Mother Tree Costume

Image source: AARON DYER

16 Frida

Image source: mama2nico_nova

17 Octopus Baby Costume

Image source: costume-works

18 Pirate And Parrot

Image source: coolest-homemade-costumes

19 The Wrecking Crew Dad And Boys Costumes

Image source: coolest-homemade-costumes

20 The Original Presidential Babies

Image source: meganjeyifo

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