17-Year-Old Turned His Baby Brother Into The Clown From “It” For The Creepiest Photoshoot

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Stephen King has induced entire generations with nightmares that have his name in the credits, but the latest one has escaped the realm of dreams and landed in Mississippi, where a 17-year-old photographer Eagan Tilghman has released a terrifying “IT” inspired photoshoot with his 3-year-old brother Louie, dressed up as a child clown.

Eagan job wasn’t only behind the camera as he also dressed and did the makeup for his little brother, proving his skills as a talented costume maker as well. Even the director of the upcoming remake of “IT,” Andy Muschietti gave the online nod by liking the pictures on Instagram.

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The brothers are hoping their photoshoot catches the eyes of Ellen DeGeneres

17-year-old Eagan did everything himself, including his baby brother’s makeup and creating his chilling costume

While the photoshoot gave everyone nightmares, Union Pacific Railroad pointed out that the photoshoot could have easily turned into a nightmare itself