16 Ugliest Products You Can Buy

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These pictures speak for themselves, following are 16 of the worst products ever marketed. They are excerpted from the Ooops Design Awards which chooses the worst products designed every year, a testament to the fact that there are some weird things going on in the heads of certain designers.

Chair ONE

1 Chair ONE

Known as the “Chair ONE” and designed by Charlotte Kingsnorth, we affectionately call this piece the “Jabba the Hutt Chair”

Fuzzy Marshmellow

2 Fuzzy Marshmellow

This sofa, which could be known as the “Fuzzy Marshmellow” sofa or the “Cotton Candy” sofa is actually called the “Cipria sofa.” It was designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana.

Vanitas lamp

3 Vanitas lamp

Designed by Charlotte Dumoncel d’Argence, the “Vanitas lamp” more resembles a frayed cord than a designer lamp.

Prickly chair

4 Prickly chair

Meet the aptly named “Prickly chair,” a neon pink cactus chair which was designed by Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers.

Evolution and Love chair

5 Evolution and Love chair

With a name that sounds a bit too lofty for any piece of furniture, Nacho Carbonell’s “Evolution and Love chair” looks more like a broken cocoon than a piece of furniture.

XXL chair

6 XXL chair

While it looks comfy with all of that padding, the “XXL chair” by Janneke Hooymans and Frank Tjepkema looks like pudgy fingers draped over a frame…or maybe someone killed the Michelin man while he was sitting down.

Surrealism chair

7 Surrealism chair

Look how far the rocking chair has come! Salvador Dali would be proud of David Pompa’s “Surrealism chair,” but we’re not buying it.

Lamp Dog

8 Lamp Dog

Fiona Jean Thompson’s “Lamp Dog” looks more like a flower-creature from Alice in Wonderland than a dog.


9 ChandalierSticker

To make your boring light look like it has an extravagant shadow, try the “ChandalierSticker” designed by Munchausen.

Ear Chair

10 Ear Chair

The “Ear Chair” by Studio Makkink & Bey is a confused mashup of 20’s construction crane print and multi-functional, protrusion-fitted chair.

Rocking on the Beach

11 Rocking on the Beach

This set of “Rocking on the Beach” rocking chairs is made of the most comfortable material available, old steel pipes.

Old-fashioned wooden base

12 Ugliest_Product_12

In a mix of old-fashioned wooden base and a fastener resembling plastic-wrap, one wonders if this table was made from recycled materials, or is just a piece of trash.

XS chair

13 XS chair

Nick Demarco’s “XS chair” is undoubtedly eco-friendly in that it is literally made of trash, but we’re not convinced that old cardboard and aluminum cans equal comfort.

Martin the Mule

14 Martin the Mule

A mule with a pack, I Bride’s “Martin the Mule” is available for all who miss the good old days on the farm.

Steampunk clock

15 Steampunk clock

A clock that looks more like a Jack Morford sculpture, or a relic from Final Fantasy, this is the “Steampunk clock” by Eric Frietas.

Stenstool chair

16 Stenstool chair

The “Stenstool chair” may be what is left of Mary’s little lamb, or a very big 4-legged spider, you’d have to ask designer Jimmy Kessler.