16 National Geographic Images Of Cherry Blossom In Japan

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Every year nature performs this wonderful show of beauty and color in Japan, also known as cherry blossom.

National Geographic has invited its community members to submit pictures of the event the way they see it. Results are nothing short of breathtaking, with cherry blossoms coloring the whole landscape.

It is a big deal in Japan, with the meteorological agency even providing updates on the blossom season. It releases the latest news predicting advance of the cherry blossoms across Japan (the process even has its own name – “sakura zensen”). So if you want to join this amazing spectacle – head to northern Japan. Just don’t hesitate because as with many pretty things, this won’t last forever.

More info: national geographic | demilked (h/t: boredpanda)

Sakura River

1 Sakura River

Image credits: Danilo Dungo

White Wall

2 White Wall

Image credits:  Masayuki Yamashita

Land Of Mist

3 Land Of Mist

Image credits: Yoshiki Fujiwara

Evening Cherry Blossoms

4 Evening Cherry Blossoms

Image credits: Aurora Simionescu

Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival

5 Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival

Image credits: Ryan WH

Pink Sakura And Pink Line

6 Pink Sakura And Pink Line

Image credits: Masayuki Yamashita

Sakura Reverie

7 Sakura Reverie

Image credits: S. Ohtani

A Train Passing By In Spring

8 A Train Passing By In Spring

Image credits:  Janvika Shah

Cherry Blossom

9 Cherry Blossom

Image credits:  Jessica W. / Carmen Măduța

The Color Of The Cultivation In Spring

10 The Color Of The Cultivation In Spring

Image credits: Hiroki Inoue

Old Couple

11 Old Couple

Image credits: Joe Ishikawa

After Fall Of Sakura

12 After Fall Of Sakura

Image credits: Danilo Dungo

Tunnel Of Cherry Blossoms

13 Tunnel Of Cherry Blossoms

Image credits: Jessie Meyer

Spring Evening

14 Spring Evening

Image credits: Sho Shibata

Sakura Blizzard

15 Sakura Blizzard

Image credits: Joydeep Dasgupta


16 Chidorigafuchi

Image credits: totomai martinez