15,000 Domino Spiral Took 25H To Build And Only Seconds To Fall Apart

Posted on Art 186

There’s a good chance that what you’re about to see is going to be the most satisfying couple of seconds of your day. That is thanks to Hevesh5, a domino artist who’s built a 15,000 piece triple domino spiral. And yes, she filmed it crumbling down for you to enjoy!

The impressive structure took her 25 hours to make that she spread over 8 days: “This is my third-largest project that I’ve ever built by myself,” she told What’s Trending.

As she was building it, Hevesh5 already had a plan in mind for an epic teardown of her masterpiece. It doesn’t just fall apart, it gracefully disintegrates into the ground. Take a look!

More info: havesh5youtube | demilked (h/t: twistedsifter, whatstrending)

The triple spiral is made out of 15,000 domino bricks

15,000 Domino Spiral 1

It took 25 hours to build,

15,000 Domino Spiral 2

Over the period of 8 days

15,000 Domino Spiral 3

Now watch it crumble down in mere seconds: