15 Reflections That Mess With Your Head

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To twist and warp images digitally is one thing, but to do it in real life you’ll need quite a bit of ingenuity. One way to do so is using the reflections around the subjects. From water to polished metal, anything reflective can turn your photos into otherworldly images.

The guys at Bored Panda have compiled a list of these amazing optical illusions achieved through the clever use of reflections. And we’re simply dying to see what you’ll come up with after seeing these. And as always, make sure you share it with the world in the comments below!

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1 Reflection Creates A Moon


Image source: Diego

2 I Took This Photo Of A Reflection In A Puddle And The Gravel Looks Like A Starry Night Sky


Image source: LucyDreads

3 The Reflections On These Pots Lined Up Just Right


Image source: Pinyaka

4 Hyde Park Is Perfect In Fall


Image source: gabriele corno

5 Perfect Tree Reflection


Image source: GallowBoob

6 To See Flower In Water Drop


Image source: Miki Asai

7 Every Time I Think That This Building Is Burning, But It Is A Reflection Of The Sunset


Image source: acmedoge

8 Prague In A Wine Glass


Image source: imgur

9 The Reflection Of An Identical Car From Window Perfectly Matches


Image source: reddit

10 The Tapestry Above My Bed Made A Pretty Sweet Reflection In My Coffee This Morning


Image source: deathbypolkadots

11 Walking On Clouds


Image source: Carlos M. Almagro

12 Did My Friend Piss His Pants? Nope, It’s Just The Reflection Of The Chairs In The Room


Image source: CptSandbag73

13 When Will My Reflection Show Who I Am Inside


Image source: IDidNotGetTheReference

14 The Reflection Makes This Chimpanzee Look Like He Is Wearing Her Dress


Image source: iamrv

15 Perfect Reflection


Image source: ninja_cats