15 Most Original Nail Designs

Posted on Fashion 141

There have been some major advancements for creativity in a variety of art forms, which has started to branch out to makeup and nail fashion. The following are the 15 most extreme, yet incredible nail designs that you may want to give a try yourself before your next social.

Gun fingernails

1 Gun fingernails

This might be one of the coolest looking nails, but might not pass airport security any time soon.

Dzine nails

2 Dzine nails

While you won’t be able to use any hand tools or type on a computer, you will still look very cool with the various characters placed on your fingernails by Dzine.

Medieval characters

3 Medieval characters

Complete with knights, kings, queens and jesters, these fingernails were a big hit at the Nailympics in 2010.

World’s longest fingernails

4 World’s longest fingernails

Christine Walton’s cuticles have been measured for a total of 19 feet, nine inches between both hands that earned her a spot in Guinness World Records book in 2012.

Plants and animals

5 Plants and animals

The Nailympics 2010 also showed off a set of nails that included flowers, flamingos, giraffes and other animals.

Pirate-themed fingernails

6 Pirate-themed fingernails

It’s not too often to look at someone’s hand and see a peg leg, pirate boat, sword and someone walking the plank.

Floral design

7 Floral design

This set of fingernails has a lot of color and looks like a beautiful flowerbed you would want to have in your garden outside.


8 Jewelry

Nails made for royalty with a number of gems placed on each fingernail and also a necklace that wraps around the hand.

Internet fingernails

9 Internet fingernails

Complete with the different logos that are quite recognizable, including the Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox icons.

The Beatles

10 The Beatles

At least the pictures found on these nails look like members of the famous British band. If not, they at least have a similar resemblance with a bit of a Japanese manga flare.

More colorful 3D floral

11 More colorful 3D floral

These nails feature a little more green and other pastel colors for a brighter mood or event.

Costume jewelry nails

12 Costume jewelry nails

Chris Mosier might be one of the only finger nail artists to have a fully-functional locket.

Bacon fingernails

13 Bacon fingernails

Just make sure you don’t develop a nail-biting habit because of your love of bacon.

Mohawk nails

14 Mohawk nails

Thanks to the folks from Nail-It Baby, all you need is some artificial eyelashes to have some rocking fingernails.