15 Genius Alternative Uses For Products You Already Own

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Being normal is boring, but living on the edge can be so difficult! For one thing, you have to go out and get new stuff like a leather jacket, Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and a trampoline for mounting that motorcycle by way of a quadruple back flip, right? Wrong.You can lead an exciting life using the stuff you already have, if you don’t mind completely changing the way you use them. Take a look at the cool alternative ways to use these everyday items–you should probably still go with the leather jacket, motorcycle, and trampoline if you want to be really cool, but making these changes will definitely make you cooler-which is a start.

If a backhoe isn’t an everyday item for you, your life needs even more work than I initially thought.


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Hey, it beats shattering the bottle and licking between the shards of broken glass on the floor.


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When life gives you a bus crashing into your living room, make… a longer bus living room.

bus into your living room

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After you defrost your icebox, go out and tell all of your friends. Mow their lawns too, while you’re at it.

defrost your icebox

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Use the dental floss you normally use right before you go to the dentist and only right before you go to the dentist to slice cheese.

dental floss


Because eating with your hands is so unrefined.


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Quit hanging onto the idea that electricians are necessary.


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“Paint? We didn’t have any empty cans of that.”

empty cans

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 Flat tires are a thing of the past when you use kegs as wheels. So is popping a wheelie.

Flat tires

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Loser has to clean it up.


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Anything that results in melted cheese can’t be wrong.

melted cheese

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 Pasta: the edible match.



Relaxing and EXTREME at the same time!

Relaxing and EXTREME

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Who needs a boring old wool hat when you can wear a stylish box?

stylish box

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Use all of those corks you have lying around after last week’s Winesday and Winethursday–oh, and Winesunday–to make tiny plant pots.

tiny plant pots


Some of these things may seem a little weird, but living life outside of the box gives you so many more options you wouldn’t normally have. (Pretty genius, right?) Share these epic ideas with others by clicking on the button below.

melted cheese