15 Geeky Newborns Who Are Following In Their Parents’ Nerdy Footsteps

Posted on Fun 39

We can all pretend that a newborn’s first photoshoot is supposed to be all about the baby, or we can give in to our secret desire to dress babies as characters from our favorite fantasy and sci-fi movies, books and TV shows. It’s hard to tell who’s having more fun with these pop-culture newborn baby photos, the parents or the babies.

Before arranging such a photoshoot, just be sure that your baby is comfortable and that all of the materials being used are safe – but if you’re the parent of a newborn baby, you probably don’t have to be told that.

Baby Princess Leia

1 Baby Princess Leia


Baby Mario

2 Baby Mario


Baby Ninja Turtle

3 Baby Ninja Turtle

A piece of Lisa photography

Baby Flash

4 Baby Flash

Jme Portraits

Baby Spock

5 Baby Spock

Dimples And Curls Photography

Baby Ewok

6 Baby Ewok

Jme Portraits

Baby Star Wars Jedi

7 Baby Star Wars Jedi


Baby Harry Potter

8 Baby Harry Potter

Amy Cook

Baby Spiderman

9 Baby Spiderman

Jme Portraits

Baby Yoda

10 Baby Yoda


Baby Olaf

11 Baby Olaf

Jme Portraits

Baby Luke Skywalker

12 Baby Luke Skywalker

Jme Portraits

Baby Knight

13 Baby Knight

A piece of Lisa photography

Baby Gamer

14 Baby Gamer

Kimberly G

Baby Hobbit

15 Baby Hobbit

Katrina Elena