15 Embarrassing Design Mistakes You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

Posted on Fun 71

Some ideas look better on paper than they do in real life. Some are questionable even on paper, but there is no one there to double-check them. At least it seems that way when looking at these product design fails that are too ridiculous not to laugh.

From unfortunately shaped popsicles, to the menacing looking fountain filled with crimson-colored water – the mistakes will show you why you always should always carefully consider your concepts before showing them to the rest of the world.

demilked (h/t boredpanda)

1 Pretty Sure He’s Using It Wrong

Image source: AdamBarnhouse

2 Proofreading This Book Couldn’t Have Been That Hard

Image source: UltraLaser23

3 Probably It’s More Convenient

Image source: Bobik42

4 These Wipes

Image source: YourResidentRussian

5 My Workplace Installed The Automatic Towel Dispenser Over The Automatic Sink

Image source: leather-muffin

6 My Company Wanted To Make Our Fountain Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness Didn’t… Quite Get It Right

Image source: BoeJenjamin

7 What Way Was The McDonald’s Again?

Image source: joeri_poeri

8 Unfortunate Dog Placement

Image source: JordJJones

9 Pulling Tissues From This Box Feels… Uncomfortable

Image source: Teapotfox

10 It’s A Trap!

Image source: RiffRaff161

11 All-Or-Nothing Tap

Image source:  iwasdoingfinelurking

12 This Habitat For Humanity Van

Image source: EasterChimp

13 Inflatable Pirate Castle

14 This Clock Store

Image source: whysofew

15 Professor, I Can’t Get These Audio Files In Our Textbook To Play

Image source: j0m1n1n