14 Great Gory Halloween Costumes

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1. Zombie Audrey Hepburn

1. Zombie Audrey Hepburn


Audrey Hepburn was the picture of grace and beauty, which provides an amazing contrast to this brutal zombie makeup that shows half of her face ripped off. Creator and model Kiana Jones makes the most beautifully brutal zombie you might ever see.

2. Krueger Pin Up

2. Krueger Pin Up


It’s hard to combine gory and sexy this well, but cosplayer Sarah Claxton managed to do an epic job of making a cheesecake version of Freddy Krueger complete with a burned face and slashed up breasts.

3. Zombie Mother

3. Zombie Mother


If there’s anything creepier than a zombie, it’s a pregnant zombie with an undead baby climbing out of her belly. This incredible costume photographed by Flickr user Ginny is particularly wicked and the fetus looks strangely similar to the Cryptkeeper from Tales From the Crypt.

4. Harlequin

4. Harlequin


Since Batman’s Harley Quinn has become mainstream, you might not be too surprised to see a good number of girls with clownish costumes this year. But this violent Harlequin makeup by Lady Twiglet is the type of thing that even The Joker would shy away from.

5. Toothy Zombie

5. Toothy Zombie


There is plenty of zombie makeup out there, but this look by Cathleen Marie O’Brien is particularly impressive with teeth that show right through the flesh.

6. Face Zipper

6. Face Zipper


If you’ve ever forgotten to zip up your pants after you went to the bathroom, just imagine how embarrassing it would be to leave your face unzipped. If you don’t mind feeling a bit exposed, you can learn how to create this effect for yourself over at Instructables.

7. Werewolf

7. Werewolf


Why let humans have all the fun? With this vicious-looking werewolf dog muzzle, your pooch can also take part in Halloween festivities in a frightfully enjoyable way.

8. Ripped Eye Socket

8. Ripped Eye Socket


When it comes to gory Halloween makeup, it’s hard to beat Marc Clancy (aka Powdah), who constantly updates his Instagram and YouTube accounts with new, terrible effects. This nasty face wound is just one of his many horrific looks.

9. Festering Zombie




The great part of being undead is that you keep living on for years. This gross zombie makeup by Andrew Lavin looks like time has worn on, and his skin has been left to rot.

10. Stitches

10. Stitches


While most horror makeup shows people bloody and gory as if they were just victimized, this nightmarish creation shows someone who has already been treated at the hospital for their wounds. This look by Ken Hertlein is more about the story of what happened yesterday rather than what just happened.

11. Face Slashes

11. Face Slashes


Whether this bloody victim was attacked by a werewolf—or some unknown, unnamed horror—doesn’t matter, the bottom line is that her makeup, by Gorka FX, looks fantastic.

12. Patchwork Face

12. Patchwork Face


Frankenstein’s Monster is pretty terrifying, especially when you stop thinking about the film version and start thinking about multiple corpses sewn together. This cool facial prosthetic by Nimba Creations allows you to present your best patchwork face.

13. Burn Victim

13. Burn Victim


This terrifying burn makeup by Inner Depravity makes the model look like less like a fire victim and more like a vengeful spirit longing to drag new victims to a fiery death.

14. Face Cape

14. Face Cape


Want to live life like Buffalo Bill of Silence of the Lambs? Then get your own skin suit made from human faces courtesy of Skin Bag. Best of all, you won’t get arrested for this one because as creepy as it looks, there were no humans harmed in the making of this cape.

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