12-Inch Nails Turned Into Stunning Sculptures

Posted on Lifestyle 30

ohn Bisbee has spent nearly 30 years welding and forging 12-inch nails into amazing works of sculptural work. This might sound like a misplaced act of dedication until you see just how beautiful and impressive his sculptures are.

Bisbee writes that he is guided by the mantra “only nails, always different.” This comes across loud and clear in his work, since he has put this seemingly simple and limiting component to hundreds of different creative uses, many of which expand to consume an entire wall or room.

The story goes that his fascination with nails began when he was scavenging for metal parts to use in his sculptures. He upturned a bucket of rusted nails, noticing that they retained the shape of the bucket they were in. This fascinated him, and he spent the next 3 decades exploring his newly discovered medium!

nail-sculpture 1

nail-sculpture 2

nail-sculpture 3

nail-sculpture 4

nail-sculpture 5

nail-sculpture 6

nail-sculpture 7

nail-sculpture 8

nail-sculpture 9

nail-sculpture 10

nail-sculpture 11

nail-sculpture 12

nail-sculpture 2