12 DIY Wood Pallet Creations You Can Make At Home

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Wood is a durable, beautiful substance. As a child, I fed my inner carpenter by building stick figures from tree branches. Now, it’s quite safe to say that none of my creations made it to The Home Improvement Channel, but it was fun to create something on my own – with my own two hands.  When creating stick figures, I got a bit creative and added a dash of color from various markers and buttons for eyes.

It’s safe to say that I am well passed the days of wood stick figures. I have graduated to more alluring and sophisticated creations such as cabinets, backyard patios, and head boards, but the DIY premise remains the same. Below are a few intriguing wood pallet ideas. Try some out and share your experiences.

Wood-n’t you like to do so?

Shoe Rack

1. Shoe Rack

via 1001Pallets / AlexBanner

Let’s begin with the basics and gravitate to more complex projects. Besides, one can never have enough shoes.

Rustic Table

2. Rustic Table

via Lana Red Studio

Construct this beautiful, elegant table in 7 easy steps. Its rustic charm will leave your guests inspired.

Headboard Accent

3. Headboard Accent

via Pallet Furniture 

Whoever thought pallets could be used as elegant bedroom decor was a visionary.

Nightstand/Side Table

4. Nightstand Side Table

via Pallet Furniture DIY

This mirrored dresser is really one unique craft! An antique mirror has been sandwiched between pallets to give this vintage inspired DIY pallet  nightstand/table more support.

Luxurious Sofa

5. Luxurious Sofa

via 99 Pallets

This DIY pallet sectional sofa is not only stylish, it’s relatively cheap and easy to construct.

Photo Display

6. Photo Display

via Simply Kierste

Art and pallets almost seem like a no-brainer. The clothespins on this photo display make it extremely versatile. This way, you can switch pictures in and out, however you desire.

Coffee Table

7. Coffee Table

via Pallet Furniture DIY

This industrial coffee table will come in handy while entertaining your guests on your patio or in your living room. For a pristine look, this coffee table was finished with a glass top and only one pallet skid.

Garage Storage

8. Garage Storage

via Unexpected Elegance

Pallets can even be used to organize chaos and to sort mess. Try creatively using a pallet to clear your garage clutter and you’ll be surprised at the outcome.

Backyard Deck

9. Backyard Deck

via Instructables/ pamala.leonard

It’s summertime. Be the envy of your neighborhood with this rustic, charming backyard deck. It’s clean, simple, elegant, and cost effective.

Raised Garden Bed

10. Raised Garden Bed

via Instructables.com/ sslfamilydad

Continue setting the standard of neighborly envy. Why purchase expensive wood when pallets give you the same functionality and style at a mere fraction of the cost.

Backyard Kitchen

11. Backyard Kitchen

via Instructables/ adamtylernelson

Now that you have brand new pallet decor in your backyard, it’s time to move onto more fun projects. Try this easy DIY pallet backyard kitchen; i’m sure it’ll be delectable.

Rustic Minibar

12. Rustic Minibar

via Instructables/ DK-learningbydoing

To finish off your backyard transformation, it’s time to open a bottle of ice cold beer or wine from your newminibar.

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