10 Worst Cosplay Costumes Ever

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Cosplay is a popular pastime which consists of dressing up like a fictional character from a video game, cartoon, book, or movie. Costumes are often based on character featured in Japanese anime or action flicks, and cosplay itself is considered a performing art genre. While many cosplay costumes are pretty good there are indeed those which are sadly lacking. They are so bad they are actually a bit good, according to some, but I would beg to differ. I guess I don’t know as much as I thought about life in general, because looking at these I am completely stumped.


1. Tron

Internet sensation Jay Maynard gained his dash of fame from this creation, which is based on the movie character “Tron” from the Eighties. As a result, Maynard has been able to appear in a number of TV shows and films, and is known all over as ‘Tron Guy’. He created the getup by simply slapping it lazily together here and there when he had a few minutes. I think it only took him a few minutes total.

C3PO Chewbacca, and R2D2 from Star Wars

2. C3PO Chewbacca, and R2D2 from Star Wars

These are bad! All three are made from everyday clothing (and obviously a few extra additions) so they didn’t cost an arm and a leg (can’t you tell?). The good news is these guys pulled it off; you can tell the characters they are supposed to be with ease. What does that say about all of us?


3. Gundam

It’s really easy to become any character you want to be with little to no resources, as costume creator Paul Palgen has proven with his Gundam character costume. All you need is a cardboard box and a Sharpie marker and you step into an entirely new world, little to no effort needed.

The Avengers

4. The Avengers

So bad are these four costumes that is it actually painful to look at them. You wind up laughing or crying, depending on your personality. There are some cute plays which the creators added in, for example alcoholic Iron Man is made out of beer boxes. The Incredible Hulk is so bad you can’t seem to get the disaster out of your mind. Traumatic.

Naked Snake

5. Naked Snake

Here is one for the Gundam books. The Naked Snake is from the game Metal Gear, and while it is a popular cosplay choice, this guy wasn’t going to go any further than he absolutely had to. Get out the cardboard box and Sharpie again.

Samus Aran

6. Samus Aran

The ‘Metroid’ bounty hunter character is a popular cosplay choice as well, but this is not a top of the line costume by any means. In the creator’s defense I have to say it is far better than many of the items featured on this list, though. Even though the weapon on the arm has gone back to the cardboard box drawing board it is fitting.

Iron Man

7. Iron Man

This guy basically wrapped himself up in cloth and tape and strapped a cut-out mask to his face: Voila! It’s Iron Man. The really embarrassing part is that we can all tell exactly who it is supposed to be. So should he be ashamed or should we?


8. Bubbles

The guy donning this Powerpuff Girls costume has more than guts, as we can obviously see. I think they refer to what he has as ‘balls’, in which case he is pulling double duty. So repulsive is this I have a hard time stopping to mention it.


9. Wolverine

While it is indeed pretty bad, I personally think this costume shows the most creativity of all the cosplayers on this list. It actually resembles a costume, and you can tell this is supposed to be Wolverine thanks to the candelabra strapped to his hand. Genius, I tell you.


10. Pikachu

Rather than donning a full costume this creative genius simply fashion a Pikachu card from the card game, making it life-sized enough to cut a hole in Pikachu’s face and popping his own make-up donning mug into it. Now he’s Pikachu, simple as that.

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