10 Weirdest Animal Sports

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Before we begin, it should be noted that this site does not promote or support all forms of animal cruelty, no matter how severe it may be. But there are a number of bizarre sports that may or may not be known by the majority of society – many of which are slightly out of the norm and make you curious how it was developed in the first place.

Elephant polo

The sport of polo has been used with horses, but using elephants can actually require using longer clubs and a lot more dexterity to actually make contact with the ball. This is a sport commonly played in countries like Sri Lanka, India and Thailand.

Horse soccer

Experts have found that horses can suffer from being confined in a stable for too long, but playing their own version of soccer has been found to be a very enjoyable experience for the animals because they are being active and involved with something other than just walking around a trail.

Ferret legging

This might be one of the most bizarre sports where you have to place two live ferrets inside your pants that are held with a tightened belt and also tied at the ankles. From this point, the last man standing wins and that is something to withstand the sharp claws and teeth of the ferret.

Cow fighting

Cow fighting

Done mostly in Switzerland, having cows fight each other in a pit don’t necessarily have a time limit as some bouts can last nearly an hour. There are other variants on this “sport’ heled in France, Italy and Turkey.

Camel wrestling

Usually done in an open-air stadium, the camels are meant to wrestle each other to the ground, which is not a common attitude between these animals. A winner is declared when one camel is sitting on top of another. There is no biting involved as they were muzzles, but this is not a normal behavior found in camels.

Roller pigeon competition


Pigeons can be bred to learn how to roll, somersault and do a number of tricks both in the air and on the ground. Some of them can even more so quick that they look more like a feathered ball. Competitions can include a number of pigeons on each team and will attempt to do a number of formations and tricks to score points.

Elephant basketball

When elephants in the Island Safari Center on Koh Samui reach the age of six, they are taught to be able to control the ball, hold it in their truck and place it in a basket for their version of a slam dunk. There is a lot of training, but it seems like a fun sport that they can be taught that doesn’t require any torture to the animals in question.

Dog fighting


This is one of the most controversial sports there are where two dogs have to fight each other until one is not able to continue. Many of the losing dogs will either die due to their injuries or be put out of their misery by the owners who are not happy with their performance. Many of the crowds that watch will place bets on certain dogs. One of the most notable rings was organized by NFL quarterback Michael Vick – who would spend years in jail before being able to return to professional football.

World Snail Racing Championships


It might not be the fastest race in the world, but having two or more snails racing either on a straight-away or circular track while there are numbers on the sides of the shell so everyone involved can tell the difference between the snails that are racing. The annual competition is held in the United Kingdom, but there are several smaller races held throughout the world.

Turkey Bowling


In case you wanted the sport of bowling to be even more challenging, then replace the typical ball with a frozen turkey and attempt to knock down pins that are represented with plastic soft drink or water bottles. Many ice rinks will host this sport in the United States and Canada, mostly in smaller venues that don’t host professional hockey games.