10 Ways Of Proposing To A Woman

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Many people know that a girl’s finest fantasy is to have the perfect marriage proposal. So just what is this fairy tale proposal they are looking for and how can they get it? Men who are asking these questions are devoid of romance and imagination. Women are tired of the casual scene with the man on his knees, red rose in hand and offering the same optimistic proposition. It’s time to take matters into your own hands, get romantic and come out with an innovative idea for your loved one. You have nothing to fear because I am here to offer you ten of the greatest approaches to propose to your special girl and after your efforts, I’m sure that she will say,“Yes”

1. Be yourself

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If you’re going to propose to your girl then forget pretending.You only need to keep in mind that she wants you to be yourself. Keep your proposal simple and sweet but do not overdo it. If you want to captivate her when you pop the question, stay real, be who you are and uniquely say to her those three wonderful words, “I love you.”

2. Candle lit Dinner

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Yes, this is a vintage type proposal but when done effectively it will melt your dream girl’s heart. Candles are undoubtedly one of the most significant details for a romantic evening for two. The perfect romantic setting can be procured with the dim shine of candle-light at the table while you prepare to make your move. If applicable, it would be advisable for you gentlemen to prepare your own cooked version of your special lady’s favorite meal. When the food is ready, have a table prepared with the lights off, candles lit and romantic music filling in the background.

3. Place Where You Met First Time

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Think back to the time when you first looked into your precious woman’s eyes and get ready for a plan. When you are all set to propose to her, casually surprise her by taking her to that first place you met and let the memories rush back to her all in a moment. She should definitely feel moved and more compelled to accept your proposal then.

4. Special Day

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Think holidays and ponder which one your hopeful bride to be would best prefer. Will it be Valentine’s Day, Christmas, a birthday or another special anniversary? Depending on your girl, you should know enough about her to understand if a traditional day or a more personal one would do the trick to put her in the best romantic mood. Preparing and delivering a marriage proposal isn’t just some small task and should not be taken lightly. A woman observes her man very closely and it will be crucial that you remember any special days you have between the two of you. Perhaps it was your first day or the first time that you met. A marriage proposal is one of the most important events you will ever go through so make it as exclusive as you can.

5. Proposal During a Movie Break

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This is a very simple way to propose to your significant other and it will only require you to make a few preparations beforehand. There’s no doubt that proposing this way has a high success rate. Simply get a romantic movie, edit it with a short pop-up proposal and screen it during the movie interval and be prepared for a surprised reaction.

6. T-shirt Proposal

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For this idea, just pick yourself up a customized t-shirt that says, “Will you marry me?” on it or something to that effect but don’t reveal it to her until you’ve taken her to an appropriate place. Keep it covered by a jacket or another shirt and then instead of saying it to her, simply get her attention and then slowly open your jacket or shirt and watch her eyes. Nothing says lovin’ like proposal text on a t-shirt.

7. Picnic in the Park

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This method is sweet and simple and is a nice little way to express your love for her. Pick out her favorite dessert and stick your engagement ring in it and let her find it. Just make sure she doesn’t eat it, though. Plan everything as perfectly as you can. The perfect setting and location with the perfect food will be important. Make sure the weather is nice and the two of you can lie down for a while and just watch some of the clouds roll by. You can even pick up your favorite alcoholic beverage to enjoy in celebration after she accepts your proposal. Regardless of whether you can sing or not, choose her favorite song and sing it to her as you hold her in your arms. There are plenty of ways to skin this cat.

8. Radio Proposal

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What woman doesn’t love a man with some boldness? Better yet, which girl wouldn’t love a marriage proposal from you on the radio with thousands of listeners taking it all in through those radio waves? If you know which radio stations she listens to most and if you know just when she’ll be listening, call in the show (when possible) and use the line you’ve planned in advance to knock her socks off in surprise. Only you could know just how to do this and follow it up with a nice romantic song that she’ll love. This is a great way to build a lasting memory that you can both cherish every wedding anniversary.

9. Surprising By Hiding In A Box

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Alright, this idea might sound a bit odd but it can be simple and quite exciting. You will have to plan it very carefully – coordination-wise – and have the ring ready to show her when she unwraps the huge box and finds you waiting in it like a maniac.

10. Banner Proposal

Proposing To A Woman 10


Carrying out this plan may cost you some money but it might very well be worth it. It’s advisable for those who can’t take rejection face-to-face. Just pick yourself up a banner with the words, “I love you….” on it with your special name for her just in case you don’t want her name to be shown around to strangers. You can leave it displayed outside of her residence or workplace and anxiously await her reply. If you have some cash to blow, get an airplane to fly it overhead and make it a little fascinating for her and it might compel her just a little bit more to say, “Yes.”

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