10 Surprising Pics That Show How Food Looks Before It’s Harvested

Posted on Food 650

We all know what fruit and vegetables look like when they’re sitting on the shelf in the supermarket, but have you ever wondered what they look like before they’re ready to harvest? Then check out this list, compiled by Bored Panda, to see some of your favorite foods in a totally new light.

From bananas and sesame seeds to cashew nuts and kiwi fruits, these pictures of natural produce prior to being harvested are sure to make you think differently about the fruits and vegetables that you eat every day.

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1 Sesame Seeds

Anna Frodesiak

2 Peanut


3 Cranberry

Bernd Haynold,Keith Weller

4 Cashew

Abhishek Jacob,Thamizhpparithi Maari

5 Brussel Sprouts


6 Pistachio

Emel Yamanturk

7 Pineapple


8 Cacao


9 Vanilla

Giancarlo Sibilio,B.navez

10 Almond

Namacun,Tom Raftery