10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Pets With Kids

Posted on Fun 517

f I tried to put clothes on my cat, it would probably tear my face off. But as you can see from this hilarious list compiled by Bored Panda, some pets are more tolerant than others, especially with kids! From dogs being used as living canvasses to cats being dressed in all sorts of humiliating attire, this collection will make you smile while also serving as a sweet reminder of the bond between kids and their pets.


1 Kids, Sharpies, And A Dalmatian Makes For Interesting Times


2 You Nose That I Love You


3 They Will Soon Start To Think That They’re Pets Too

4 I Didn’t Do It. It Was The Dog


5 Don’t Leave Your Kids Home Alone With A Cat


6 I Left My Niece Alone With My Dog For 20 Minutes And Came Back To This…


7 Cat’s Face Says It All

8 I Recently Realized That My 6 Year Old Sister Has Been Modeling Our Dog And Taking Pictures Of It On My Camera


9 My Son Feeding His Fake Dog Goldfish While His Real Dog Sits Outside, Pissed


10 This Is What Happens When You Leave Your Kids With The Dog


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