10 Pretty Women Who Were Born Male

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You may not notice it, but there are a number of transgender models that can be found in various magazine publications, walking on the runways and just about everywhere you would see modeling in different advertisements. Some of them are women who were born with male reproductive organs, however you may not realize it unless someone tells you. Below are 10 examples of female models who were born as males.

Andrej Pejic

1 Andrej Pejic

Known for being able to pose with clothing for both genders, this Serbian Australian model recently highlighted for doing so for Jean-Paul Gaultier in January 2011; Pejic also did so for a men’s clothing show for Marc Jacobs. Pejic also ranks No. 18 as one of the Top 50 male models on models.com; this model also holds a spot on FHM Magazine’s 100 sexiest women in the world.

Lea T.

2 Lea T.

Born as Leandro Cerezo in 1981 in Brazil, this model would become one of the highest rated transgender fashion models in the world, which part of it is due being considered a muse for Givenchy, one of the top names in high fashion design.

Claudia Charriez

3 Claudia Charriez

She may look like a normal blonde beauty, but Charriez was born a man. However, her sexuality was not something to keep Charriez as one of the top international models. Now while Charriez was kicked off the America’s Next Top Model competition in 2008, as well as the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency reality television show, Charriez would be invited to and won the first ever America’s Next Top Transsexual Model later that year.

Isis King

4 Isis King

With the birth name Darrell Wells in 1985, King was the first transsexual model to compete in America’s Next Top Model – in fact King was a participant in two separate seasons of the reality competition television show hosted by Tyra Banks.

Florencia De La V

5 Florencia De La V

The Argentinian model has become one of the most notable transsexual models and actresses in the world after straying away from her identity as Roberto Carlo Trinidad in 1976. While married and a mom to two children born through a surrogate, De La V has made several appearances in different soap operas, publications and other forms of media.

Sirapassorn Atthayakorn

6 Sirapassorn Atthayakorn

Born with the male name Sammy, this Thai model has earned the pageant championship title of Miss International Queen back in 2011.

Chamila Asanka

7 Chamila Asanka

One of the rising stars in the fashion world is this Sri Lankan model who was also a participant who made her name in the 2011 Miss International Queen competition.

Caroline “Tula” Cossey

8 Caroline “Tula” Cossey

Born in England as Barry Kenneth Cossey, this model has made herself known as one of the top transgender women to enter the modeling world, which also earned her a role in a James Bond film called The Living Daylights. Cossey has also posed in Playboy magazine and also wrote a book about her career – I Am a Woman.

Roberta Close

9 Roberta Close

Close is the first pre-op transsexual model to be shown in Playboy magazine. The success continued after having surgery in 1989 to be a nude model in Brazil’s top men’s magazine Sexy before being voted as the most beautiful woman in the country.


10 Malika

Malika has had a number of medical procedures for the Indian-born model to feel more like the woman who was born as a male. She would be one of the first from her country to be chosen to participate in the Miss International Queen competition, which was designed as a beauty pageant for transsexual models.

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