10 Perfectly Timed Pictures That Will Mess With Your Mind

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When it comes to photography, sometimes timing is everything. Whether it’s an accident that you happened to snap with your phone or a perfectly calculated image you were planning on capturing for weeks, it is always so satisfying to see the universe align in front of your lens.

From the majestic natural wonders when rainbows and lightning mirror each other in the sky to the amusing everyday coincidences when it looks like characters on TV marvel at your slippers, the list below presents a wide spectrum of accidental shots that are surely going to impress you. Scroll down to see them all!

demilked (h/t)

1 Firefighter In Mexico Earthquake

2 When The Timing Is Right

Image source: LeGaffe

3 Bumblebee Carrying The Sun

Image source: mike_pants

4 Was Taking Random Pictures Of My Mother And This Came Out

Image source: MuffinHatLP

5 The Struggles Of A Substitute Teacher

Image source: DedRuck

6 Right Place, Right Time

7 Holy Sh*t

Image source: Trololman72

8 This Guy’s Earbuds Made A Treble Clef

Image source: reddit.com

9 When The Timing Is Right

10 Snapped A Lucky Shot Of A Truck Trying To Steal The Sun

Image source: Diginixy