10 People Who Deeply Regret Shopping Online

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Online shopping is sometimes a game of chance, and these poor people lost terribly.

No matter how many cautionary tales people read about scam sites, Chinese knockoff brands, and neglected fine print, they still get tempted by discount prices and race to the checkout in a fury of clicks. Though shipping mishaps do happen, especially when packages are moving internationally, it’s really hard to imagine how postal workers let some of these ones slide.

We want to hear about your online shopping nightmare, so show us what you thought you ordered, and what you actually ended up with.


1 Note To Self: Check The Dimensions Of Everything Before Ordering On Amazon


2 The Hiking Boots I Ordered Online Look A Little Different Than The Picture They Provided


3 Ordered Black Sweatpants, Received These Instead. I’m Not Even Mad


4 My Boss Bought 50 Chairs In An Online Auction. It Wasn’t Until We Went To Pick Them Up That We Realized It Was At An Elementary School


5 I Ordered Some Tights For Halloween Online. I Didn’t Check The Size And It Turns Out They Were A Bit Too Small


6 Bought This Shirt Online, So Far, I’ve Been Getting A Lot Of Weird Looks


7 We Ordered An “M” Balloon. Thanks, PartyCity


8 My Buddy Ordered A 1/2-Inch Solenoid Valve From Amazon, Received A 7-Foot Tall Teddy Bear. They Played Hockey On Xbox


9 Ordered A Custom Family Photo Ornament. Received One With A Random Asian Family And Photoshopped Added Penguins. Not Even Mad


10 Probably Wasn’t A Good Idea To Purchase This TV From Unreliable Vendors

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