10 People Who Accidentally Found Their Doppelgängers In Museums And Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes

Posted on Fun 23

When you go to a classic art gallery, you expect to see unfamiliar times with unfamiliar people who lived then, right? Well, that’s not necessarily the case, as these art lovers found out when they’ve stumbled upon their identical doppelgängers lurking in the frames!

Either thanks to a time machine still under wraps somewhere or a sheer accident, these selfies reveal some uncanny similarities between the two subjects, that will leave you guessing, what’s REALLY going on here.

demilked (h/t: boredpanda)

1 Face To Face With Yourself In A Museum

Image source: Davidurbon

2 So He Goes To The Art Museum And This Happened

Image source: WreckedTangled

3 Made An Interesting Discovery At The Art Museum Today

Image source: pepesilvia

4 So I Found A Picture Of Myself Dressed As A Samurai 111 Years Ago At The Met. Apparently I Was A Collector Of Samurai Armor, I’ve Drunk A Lot Since Then So I Don’t Really Recall But It’s Totally Plausible That’s It’s Me

Image source: datman510

5 The Doppelgänger Experience

Image source: Ross W. Duffin

6 My Friend Is Actually A Time Traveller

Image source: reddit.com

7 Found My Great-Great Grandmother At Louvre

8 Found My Doppelgänger At The Louvre. Íñigo Melchor De Velasco

Image source: joahdato

9 Found My Dopplegänger From Half A Century Ago In An Art Museum In Zurich

Image source: _Melbourneer_

10 I’m The Head