10 Parents Whose Sense Of Humor Is Better Than Their Kids

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Parenting can be tough, and in all the toughest jobs, it’s important to for our mums and dads to keep a healthy sense of humour. Also, us kids aren’t always easy, so can you blame them when they goof off and play with us from time-to-time?

Judging by these hilarious photos, these parents have clearly maintained their sense of humour by trolling their kids, and while we likely found our parents jokes lame in our younger years, let’s face it, looking back at them, they’re pretty funny and it’s more than likely we’ll end up doing the same.


1 Parents Used To Tell My Brother And I That We Had Another Brother Who Turned Into A Mushroom From Not Taking A Bath. Even Added Him To The Family Albums


2 What I Love About My Parents Is That After 41 Years Of Marriage, They Still Know How To Embarrass Their Kids


3 My Dad Put Googly Eyes On Everything In Our Refrigerator


4 Friend Went To Disney World And Posted This Pic. His Parents Responded


5 My Dad Said My Dog Took Over My Room After I Left For College. He Sent Me This…


6 So My Parents Took A Beach Vacation With Their Dog And Sent Me This Pic


7 My Dad Was Looking At Me Like This For Like 5 Minutes Until I Looked Down At His Plate


8 My Apartment Lost Power For Two Days. I Complained To My Dad, And Minutes Later, I Got A Text: “They’re On The Case!”


9 Marilyn Manson’s Dad Surprised Him At His Photo Shoot With Terry Richardson. Proof That Its A Father’s Duty To Embarrass Your Children As Much As Humanly Possible


10 Very Over Protective Father


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