10 of the Most Interesting Live Food Experiences

Those who are in favor of living foods are proponents not only of the taste benefits, but of the overall experience of ingesting something which is still moving when you put it in your mouth. Here are 10 really interesting live food choices, which hail from around the world.

1. From Australia: Larvae

1. From Australia Larvae

The aboriginal peoples of Australia appreciate the great source of protein which caterpillars offer, in addition to the fact that they require no cooking. The experience of eating them is considered enhanced by the fact that they are still squirming when they are put in your mouth.

2. From Italy: Sea Urchins

2. From Italy Sea Urchins

Collected from the sea shore, these urchins are to be eaten fresh and raw. Contained within a thorny shell, they are purported to be a tasty delicacy with a fleshy texture.

3. Korea and Japan: Sannakji

3. Korea and Japan Sannakji

Live octopus – also known as Sannakji in Korea and Japan may be eaten whole or cut into pieces. In some countries it is outlawed – the powerful tentacles have been known to stick to the inside of the throat and have cause death.

4. New England: Blood Clams

4. New England Blood Clams

When you open the shell of these clams, you will be confronted with large pools of blood which give these crustaceans their name. This New England delicacy has been banned in China due to the high incidence of Hepatitis contracted by those who choose to indulge.

5. Denmark: Chilled Ants

5. Denmark Chilled Ants

Served cold because this reduces the likelihood that they will run away, these ants are used by a Copenhagen restaurant called Noma, as a garnish for salads. Served alongside crème fraiche, they are considered a gluten-free alternative to croutons!

6. Guam: Fruit Bats

6. Guam Fruit Bats

The residents of many Asian countries such as Guam are happy to eat Fruit Bats, which are apparently high in protein, low in fat, and purportedly taste like chicken. Connoisseurs eat the entire animal, leaving behind only the teeth and bones.

7. China, Japan, Vietnam: Sashimi Frog

7. China, Japan, Vietnam Sashimi Frog

Definitely not for the squeamish, this Asian delicacy requires the slicing of the frog into filets while it heart is still beating.

8. China and Japan: Drunken Shrimp

8. China and Japan Drunken Shrimp

Being soaked in alcohol may enhance the taste of these live shrimp, but it does not prevent them from moving around in the serving dish.

9. Japan: Young Eels

9. Japan Young Eels

There are a couple of ways to eat young eels. Covered in vinegar and Sake, they must be swallowed whole. An alternative is to throw them in a pot of boiling water with a slice of tofu at the bottom. They will bury themselves into the tofu in the hope of escape and can then be eaten this way.

10. Korea, China and Japan: Ikizukuri

10. Korea, China and Japan Ikizukuri

An Asian seafood delicacy, Ikizukuri literally translates as “cooked alive”. Willing diners will witness the fish being pulled from the tank and gutted at the table, before their eyes.

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