10 Of The Most Embarrassing Things People Have Caught Their Partners Doing

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Remember that time your significant other walked in on something they shouldn’t have seen? How humiliation filled your chest and the words to explain yourself just disappeared? These people have been there, and for some of them, there may never be any going back.


1 During A 12 Hour Flight Delay My Boyfriend Wandered Off. When I Found Him He Was In The Middle Of A Pixar Movie Marathon With A Group Of 5 Year Olds


2 Walked On My Husband Walking The Cat Across The Ceiling While Singing “Spider Cat, Spider Cat, Does Whatever A Spider Cat Does”


3 Bedroom Is Really Sunny In The Morning. Found Husband Sleeping Like This


4 Walked In On My Boyfriend And My Cat Hanging Out


5 My Mom Caught My Dad Playing Air Guitar


6 Stages Of My Wife’s Despair When We Missed The Icecream Truck


7 Heard My Husband Telling The Dog To Stay Still In The Kitchen, Walked In And This Greeted Me


8 Caught My Husband Red Handed… Thought He Was Working Out


9 Caught My Husband Slow Dancing With The Cat To Buffalo Soldiers


10 Introduced My Girlfriend Who Never Plays Video Games To Skyrim… I Come Home From Work To Find This