10 Nations With The Most Gorgeous Women

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Brazil women



Has anyone ever asked themselves why so many supermodels come out of Brazil? The simple answer to this is that it’s probably because Brazilians are one of the most ethnically merged individuals on the planet. The result is a great mixture of different shapes and skin shades that create the most ideal bodies there can be. And not only do they possess such bodies, but they work hard on them as well because Brazilians are fond of living at the beach – such as in Rio where they show off at trendy bars and streets. If you go to any fashions shows around the globe or just open up Sports Illustrated in the swimsuit additions, you’re bound to find a Brazilian beauty peering back at you from the pages.


Russia women


Next to Brazil, it’s Russia that is the most likely nation to have the most stunning women per square kilometer. Whether you’re traveling on the subway in Moscow or venturing through the most isolated edges of Siberia, you are guaranteed to find female eye candy. Siberia is where supermodel Irina Shayk was first encountered, and like it or not, Russia possesses some of the most beautiful females you could ever find.


Slovakia women


If you talk to gentlemen that seem to prefer blue-eyed blonde women, then most will usually think and talk about Sweden first. But were you aware that the most stunning blondes can actually be found in Slovakia? As humorous as it may seem, countless women around the globe are spending small fortunes every single day on what beauty Slovakian women naturally possess. It certainly doesn’t take much for these women to pull in attention from the opposite sex.


Sweden women


Even though the Slovakian blondes have the Swedish ones beat in the category for most gorgeous blondes, Sweden must still be recognized as the women there do fit the beautiful women label. If you can’t believe that, then you may need to explain why Swedish women won the very first ever Miss World titles. For those that say that beauty is only skin deep, we suggest you get talking to a Swedish beauty and you will find that not only are they beautiful on the outside, but sophisticated and very well-educated on the inside, too.


Venezuela women


As far as the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants are concerned, it’s the beauties from Venezuela that have brought home the most victories, and this is simply due to the fact that beauty in this country is a fixation! Love it or hate it, in Venezuela, if you were not blessed by nature from birth, there’s a good chance that you will undergo surgery later – as it is a significant local industry. Women in Venezuela spend a lot of money on appearance because it has been declared that the largest source of national pride and nationwide recognition is in beauty. It really doesn’t matter that the capital city of Caracas is quite unappealing. The gorgeous women there simply make up where the city lacks in its appeal.


Columbia women


Alright, the reality is that not all women from Columbia can or do look like Sofia Vergara. However, there are many that come close to her beauty. Curves on a woman are something the women of Columbia are proud of and try hard to showcase. Who can deny that they are so highly sexy and alluring (and more often than not irresistible)? If you are worried about falling into great temptation, be sure to control your urges when you take a nice vacation to Bogota


Ukraine women


Why is it that various men on the planet are searching for brides from the Ukraine? This topic has been discussed and beat to death many times. The simple answer is that Ukrainian women are well-dressed females that take very good care of their figures and keep their alluring charm and appeal at the same time. Take a stroll around Kiev and you will have all inquiries about these beautiful women answered.


Lebanon women


Not everyone would agree, but we claim that most would concur that within the Middle East and Arab world, Lebanese women are the most beautiful. After a 2006 photo that was very contentious, many around the world began to take notice of this fact. The photo in question displayed young and tanned women of the nation riding through a war-torn Beirut neighborhood. The radiant and fun-loving mindset of the people will surprise anyone visiting the Lebanese capital.


Angola women


Perhaps a bold statement but no less true, the most appealing women from Africa can be found in Angola. This nation is one of only 2 sub-Saharan countries to possess a Miss Universe winner who was black. The models from this region are really starting to show up on the radar of international runways (such as Sharam Diniz who is a Victoria Secret’s angel). Young ladies in Luanda are currently in constant competitions throughout the local pageants just because of the international success already achieved. The pageants also bring in the attention of model agencies and the capital has many African gems that get attention from males at the latest stylish (and pricey) restaurants and bars


USA women


It’s very unflattering for America, but it has a known reputation as having the most overweight people in the entire world. With such a diversified mix of people, there isn’t just one specific type of woman in the entire country. With that being said, America is a nation that is fixated on weight loss programs, beauty improvement procedures and products. There are some cities within the country that do stand out as far as hot women proportions are concerned. If you take cities such as Los Angeles and Miami, whether the bodies are real or fake, the women look un-flawed and are always guaranteed to show off what they’ve got.

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Brazil women