10 Most Incredible Flash Mobs

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In case you are wondering, and just to keep you up to speed, a ‘flash mob’ is a group of people who show up out of nowhere and perform some crazy, random stunt, disappearing as quickly, if not quicker, than they came. While you may or may not have been witness to such an act you can enjoy tales passed down from person to person as these have occurred in the public eye, and you will not fail to either laugh hysterically or cry your eyes out. Here are ten of the craziest flash mob occurrences on record that we could find, crazy but true!

Oprah’s Chicago Flash Mob (24th Season) with the Black Eyed Peas

In 2010 the Oprah Winfrey Show’s 24th season started off with a major party, which included more than 20k individuals who danced to the Black Eyed Peas’ hit “I’ve Got a Feeling” in true flash mob glory. This was said to be so spectacular because of the rapport which took place between the band and the mob, and was reported to be a mind-blowing mob sight indeed.

Seattle ‘Glee’ Flash Mobs

Considered a massive hit, flash mobs performing ‘Glee’-style broke out all over the place in the big city of Seattle on April 10 during the afternoon hours, thrilling passers-by and bringing song-and-dance into the lives of all around them.

Waka Waka Flash Mob

Piazza Duomo, Milano was host to this flash mob, which took place in honor of the World Cup in 2010. Shakira, the Italian songstress, was honored that the focus of the flash mob was her hit ‘Waka Waka’. A morning rehearsal actually took place, and tourists were able to participate in the fun.

Flash Mob at a Manchester Market

A Manchester grocery store saw approximately 50 individuals flash mob in March of 2007, the highlight of which was a four-minute long freeze-up which was reportedly really ‘cool’. Five different cameras were able to record the demonstration.

Sydney, Australia’s Central Station Flash Mob for Charity

Those riding on the train for their daily commute got quite a surprise when ‘The Move Movement’, sponsored by the Westmead Medical Research Foundation, which promotes healthy living, the ‘Make Your Move’ flash mob event, thrown by Ultimo College’s Event Management class. The charitable mob was also recorded by the college’s film class.

Pregnant Women Breakdancing

In London pregnant women formed a breakdancing flash mob to draw attention to the lack of proper healthcare received by women gestating. The mob took place in 2008, and was also conducted at Utrecht, Paris, Berlin, and all over the place in Canada.

Bondi Beach Flash Mob in Australia

100 individuals took to their feet on Australia’s Bondi Beach, surprising sunbathers and swimmers all around. Participants included famous Australian drag queen Joyce Mange and DJ Dan Murphy, who also put the appearance together.

Times Square’s Bollywood Hero Flash Mob

Bollywood dancers took to the streets in New York’s Times Square in August of 2009 in support of a mini-series being aired on the Independent Film Channel (IFC) called “Bollywood Hero”. The choreographer for the film, Longinus Fernandes, as well as film stars Neha Dhupia, Poorja Kumar, and Chris Kattan were all present for the flash mob event.

Mexico’s ‘Thriller’ Flash Mob

Nearly 14,000 people participated in this ‘middle-of-the-road’ flash mob, which was held in tribute to Michael Jackson’s hit single ‘Thriller’ and the singer’s 51st birthday. With many costumed up like zombies and a single Michael impersonator who led the crowd, Mexico City really got a major flash mob run for their money.

‘All the Single Ladies’, Piccadilly Circus, London

Beyonce’s major hit single, ‘All the Single Ladies’ was the foundation for this flash mob, which featured 100 single ladies breaking into dance, looking like Beyonce herself, and strutting their stuff. The flash mob was conducted to promote the singer’s November, 2009 show played at the Trident, which was free of charge.