10 Most Expensive Bikes On The Planet

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Yes, it is true that men go a little gaga over heavy bikes and motorcycles. Knowing this then, there are various companies of luxury that produce bikes by which they have appearances that are more than adequate to make the population curious about how they were manufactured. Such bikes are certain to be an expression of one’s character and their personality.Such motorcycles are top-dollar because of their designs, frameworks, outlook and speed. Luxury is always kept in mind in the designs as well as the excitement that each driver keeps in mind. It’s pretty clear to see that such bikes are not for the common folk. They are for those who possess bank accounts with 7 – 9 digits in their savings. Below we would like to showcase some 10 most high-priced bikes on the planet.

1. Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter

Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter


Cost: $ 110,000
This special bike was fashioned by the Confederate Motor Company and they made great use of steel to create it and provide it with a fantastic and distinctive look. Can it be denied that is has a splendid appearance? It features a fascinating encounter while driving it on the road and it is undeniably not intended to be driven by the weak-hearted.

2. Coventry Eagle

Coventry Eagle


The Royal Eagle Company brings you this bike which is quite aged. Despite it being a bit less than a century old, it still handles nicely on the road. It was fashioned for those riders with elegance and who believe in the expression “Old is Gold.” Judging by the price, it definitely renders it gold.

3. Harley Davidson Rocker

Harley Davidson Rocker


Here is another Harley that is a part of the race and it has been modified from a popular German manufacturer named House of Thunder. Some declare that nearly each finite point of the bike is unearthly. From the front to the rear it slopes at 37 degrees – making it awfully close to the tire – andit’s a great catch and appears to be quite the jaw-dropper when people first glance at it.

4. Hildebrand Wolfmüller

Hildebrand Wolfmüller


Cost: $ 150,000
This is the planet’s first production bike and Hildebrand Wolfmuller happens to be one of the greatest specialized motorcycles around. This motorcycle is presently a part of their personalized lineup. The price is justified through the bike being the first one produced. It is a special rarity and possesses a two-cylinder four-stroke engine attached.

5. Hub less Harley Davidson

Hub less Harley Davidson


Cost: $ 155,000
This motorcycle is deserving of being on our top 10 list of most costly on the planet. It comes with the standard Harley style and the appearance of this beautiful chopper is quite different than any others out there. As many of us are aware of, Harley bikes are notorious for their remarkable and outstanding looks

6. Ecosse FE Ti XX

Ecosse FE Ti XX


Cost: $ 300,000
If you would like to own a beautiful chopper like this, you will certainly pay a pretty penny for it. It comes packed with 225 horsepower through its aluminum motor. The Titanium series have had some great additions from Eccose engine plants. Some of the bikes that came out earlier in the Titanium series were chosen as the Best Bikes of the Year. Because of this model’s dazzling shiny look, it makes it even more spectacular than one could possibly hope for. This motorbike is on the chart for one of the world’s fastest as it can maintain speeds of up to 250 MPH.

7. The legendary British classic black

The legendary British classic black


Cost: $ 400,000
The Legendary Black Vintage cannot be equaled by any other across the world map as it is just that extraordinary. It comes equipped with 250 cc and two cylinders that supply its muscle. This chopper was developed in the UK and may not be the fastest bike on the block, but people will certainly stop by your place to take a glance at this antique.

8. Gold Plated Custom Chopper

Gold Plated Custom Chopper


Cost: $ 500,000
With a motorbike like this, it’s so costly and gorgeous that there is a fat chance you’d want to take it out for a road drive. It comes with a metallic body that is gold-plated and shiny. The proper place for a beauty such as this would be on an outstanding ramp and being displayed as a show piece. It has in fact been on display before at the Motorcycle Show in Seattle.

9. Ultra Rare Porcupine

Ultra Rare Porcupine


Cost: $ 750,000
If you’ve never heard of a motorbike being named after a porcupine then you certainly aren’t alone. Is it any wonder that “rare” is in the name? If a bike is rare, then you know it’s going to be pricey! It was manufactured during the World War II era and therefore it is a rarity and quite unique. This wonder has been a part of a museum before, but as some are aware of, museums are sometimes a nice place to do your antique shopping. If you have the will and the coin to back it, you can purchase this motorcycle from the National Motorcycle Museum. It’s an ideal piece for those who want to relive its history and keep it alive.

10. $ 1 million Harley-Davidson

1 million Harley-Davidson


Cost: $ 1 million
If you are a few bricks shorts of a load, have money to burn like a billionaire and would ride such an expensive chopper on the road, look no further because this piece is just for you. It was designed by Jack Armstrong and is obviously the most expensive Harley to purchase. If one million dollars is pocket change for you then you might greatly consider buying one.What can you get for that one million you might ask? There is quite a bit it offers, such as a mighty six-cylinder engine that provides it with turbo speed. But that is not what’s best about the bike. That part is left to the style and design. The color itself is enough to supply it with a look all its own.For bike collectors that see you with such a bike as this, don’t be surprised if they start treating you like the millionaire you probably are because this baby will bring in loads of attention!

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Gold Plated Custom Chopper