10 Most Creative Trolls Who Protested The Protesters

Posted on Fun 25

Protesters by definition are there to push boundaries, but among them, there are ones that are willing to push even more by protesting the protest itself.

If your mind isn’t blown away by that statement, then take a look at how some of these witty guys used protests as a medium to express their own point of view and troll protesters in the most hilarious ways.

Have you witnessed something like this with your own eyes? Then, by all means, share your stories in the comments!

demilked (h/t: boredpanda)

1 Jesus Is Cool With It

Image source: Karomars

2 San Diego LGBT Pride

3 I Came To Take Your Jobs

Image source: LeCarpeDiem

4 Pro-Life VS. Pro-Choice

Image source: schwanky

5 Pornography Harms

Image source: uncouthsilence5

6 Never Misses A Gay Event

7 Trolling The Protestors

Image source: PR3DA7oR

8 He Was More Like Me Than Like You

Image source: doug3465

9 Sir Ian Mckellen’s Sign Is Everything

Image source: shxrlocked

10 I Hope His Wife Has A Sense Of Humor

Image source: FearlessFixxer