10 Incredible Before & After Transformations Of People Who Wore Braces

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While some of us are lucky enough to be born with a nice couple rows of teeth, others are not and they have to deal with their teeth as a daily problem.

Thankfully, these days the oral medicine is advanced enough to offer a solution not only to the physical problems the crooked teeth present, but also by bringing back the confidence to smile as you please.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of before-and-after comparison shots of these incredible transformations achieved through wearing braces and in some cases even dental surgeries.


1 My Single Mother Couldn’t Afford Braces For Me Growing Up. When I Got Insurance Though Work I Got Some Finally. Life Goal Complete


2 My Single Mother Couldn’t Afford Braces For Us Growing Up. So When I Got A Job, I Saved And Paid For Them Myself. Most Fulfilling Decision I’ve Ever Made


3 Smile Transformation

4 I Got My Braces Off Today


5 What A Difference 3 Years, Countless Appointments And Tears Makes…


6 Amazing Transformation

7 Got My Braces Off Yesterday, Here’s Before, During And After


8 After Almost Two Years, I Just Got My Braces Off


9 Never Underestimate The Power Of Braces


10 Amazing Smile Transformation!


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