10 Hilarious Wives That All Men Secretly Wish They Were Married To

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Marrying someone with a good sense of humor is a one-way ticket to years of laughter, and these wives prove it. They’re creative, they’re hilarious, and they’re honestly trolls sometimes, but that can only make their husbands love them more. In fact, sharing a good sense of humor is viewed by many marriage specialists as the key to a happy union.

Relationships can get way too serious sometimes, especially when stress from work, kids, and expenses gets involved. Laughing together creates a feeling of warmth, relaxation, and bonding, and has even been said to stimulate physical attraction.

Give a round of applause for these wives who know the power of a good joke, and vote for the ones you would use on your significant other.


1 My Wife Found A Way To Hide Her Candy


2 My Husband Bet Me I Couldn’t Shave His Foot Without Him Waking Up. This Is What He Woke Up To This Morning


3 My Wife Brought Home A Life Size Skeleton Replica, This Is What I Walked In On


4 I Left For A Day. My Wife Knew Exactly What I Wanted To Do When I Got Home


5 My Wife Called Me To The Bathroom To See The Work She Did On My Shampoo Bottle


6 Called My Wife A Sandwich Maker


7 My Wife Wanted To Let The Pizza Place Know That They’re Overdoing It With The Advertising


8 We Were Looking Through Old Pictures Of Me When My Wife Started Laughing And Got The Dog’s Flea Pills From The Cupboard


9 My Sister’s April Fools’ Prank On Her Husband


10 Was Wondering Why My Wife Was Giggling When She Asked Me To Change The Air Filters