10 Hilarious Acts Of Vandalism

Posted on Art 32

While art galleries are awesome venues to experience art, it’s way harder to be touched when you’re expecting it. Maybe that’s why some creatives decide to surprise viewers with their work in the places where you least expect it.

Here we bring you the second take on creatives invading public spaces, where they blur the line between art and vandalism, turning boring daily commutes into treasure hunts.

Have you been surprised by something like this in your hometown? Then share your finds in the comments!

demilked  (h/t: boredpanda)

1 Whoever Did This Deserves A F***ing Beer

Image source: www.reddit.com

2 Ufo Kidnapping A Cow In Dresden

Image source: www.facebook.com

3 It’s A Tiny Forest

Image source: www.instagram.com

4 Subtle Yoyo Vandalism

Image source: www.reddit.com

5 Drop-In

Image source: www.reddit.com

6 Mini Kong

Image source: www.reddit.com

7 Alligator

Image source: www.reddit.com

8 Sculpture Hack

Image source: www.reddit.com

9 How To Cause Heart Attacks

Image source: imgur.com

10 Aren’t We All?