10 Greatest Sport Events Of All-Time

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1. Olympic Games

Olympic Games



There are literally thousands of international athletes that take part in both winter and summer sporting events in the Olympic Games which are being held biennially (every four years of alternating). They are undoubtedly regarded as the world’s primary sports rivalry and boasts considerably more than two hundred countries partaking. As incredible as it may seem there are more than 13,000 professional athletes that will contend at each winter or summer games and those are included in thirty-three various sports which take place is approximately four hundred events. The top three competitors with the best rankings will be awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals. During the last fifty years of Olympic history, the most expensive Games have been in London, England in 2012 costing ($14.8 billion US), Barcelona during 1992 estimated at ($11.4 billion US), and Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1976 for ($6 billion US). NBC had averaged a rating of 19.2 and had a little more than 35.8 million viewers throughout the first weekend of the London games. Since the Olympics first began being televised during 1960 in Rome, this is the highest number of viewers there has ever been. Throughout the Beijing Olympics in 2008 there were 30.6 million spectators that viewed the events within the first two days alone.

2. FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup


This is the second largest sporting event in the world which is a global organization for football competition. It is played by the senior men’s nationwide teams which are members of the Federation Internationale de Football Association or (FIFA) – the governing body of the international sport. Since the initiative tournament in 1930 (excluding 1942 and 1946), every four years there is a championship given. The last awarded champion was Spain at the end of the tournament in 2010. The existing structure of the tournament now includes thirty-two teams that compete for the prestigious title and nearly half of the planet tuned in from their households to observe the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

3. The UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League


The league for UEFA Champions was first known as the European Cup or the Champion Club’s Cup and it is a yearly continent-wide club for football competition that is arranged by the (UEFA) or Union of European Football Associations. It was established in 1955 in order that all the top football clubs could compete against one another and it just happens to be one of the greatest esteemed tournaments on the globe and the number one renowned competitor’s club in European football.
Numbers do not lie and they undeniably indicate that the sport of football is the most preferred all around the world. And who can deny that the most promising football clubs are in Europe? Each year the two finest teams battle it out in the largest organizational football match-up. One could label this match as the “Super Bowl” of football only there are different nations represented in the contest rather than only one.

4. Cricket World Cup

Cricket World Cup


Moving down our list, we finally come to the ICC Cricket World Cup which is the best worldwide championship in men’s (ODI) One Day International cricket and T 20 Cricket. The (ICC) International Cricket Council organizes this occasion with initial qualification rounds that will eventually lead up to the finals tournament. The T 20 is held every two years and the (ODI) takes place every four years. This competition is fourth-largest around the worth as well as the fourth most popularly watched sporting event. The very first Cricket World Cup (ODI) competition took place during 1975 in England and the T20 started in South Africa during 2007.

5. Super Bowl

Super Bowl


As far as American standards are concerned, the Super Bowl is one of the most sought-after annual sporting events of the year. It hosts the two greatest teams in the National Football League or (NFL) which is the uppermost stage of professional American football across the U.S. The regular season begins in late summer during the preceding calendar year.
No one can argue against the fact that the Superbowl is simply the finest sporting function and television event in the U.S. Last year alone the Superbowl attracted an easy 111 million spectators. Because its popularity is so spectacular, football’s influence has reached well within the borders of Mexico and Canada (where they have their own football league known as the CFL) as well as the shores of England

6. Wimbledon Tennis

Wimbledon Tennis

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Wimbledon was the first tennis championship tournament in the world and is the sixth most popularly viewed. That would make Wimbledon the most influential event as far as tennis is concerned. Since 1877 and to this day, it has been held at the All England Club in Wimbledon, London. Alongside the French, U.S. and Australian Open it makes the fourth Grand Slam tennis tournament in existence. Wimbledon boasts being the only Major that is yet played out on original grass which is where the authentic name of “lawn tennis” originated from. Tradition and heritage are what has built such a huge following of the Wimbledon tournament which might actually still have the largest following to date.

7. Tour de France Cycling

Tour de France Cycling


First organized in 1903 to enhance sales for L’Auto magazine, the Tour de France is a yearly multi-phase bicycle race which is chiefly carried out in France but sometimes will make passes throughout neighboring countries. It is presently run by the Amaury Sport Organization and the Tour previously ran the border of France in its first years. At first, cycling was simply a sport of endurance but eventually the coordinators would realize that profitable sales could be attained by generating supermen of the opposition. There are ordinarily twenty-one stages to the modern Tour and it runs for no more than 3,500 km. The smallest and largest tours were respectively 2,428 km in 1904 and 1926.

8. Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup


Organized by the International Rugby Board, the Rugby World Cup is a worldwide united competition that has been held every four years since all the way back in 1987. There are twenty countries that compete in the tournament in its current system and there are two stages known as a “knock-out” and “a group.” The William Webbs Ellis Cup is awarded to the winners and New Zealand is the present holder when they won the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand during 2011. The two hosts for 2015 and 1019 will be England and Japan.

9. Formula One Racing

Formula One Racing


There are numerous racetracks around the globe from Singapore to Monaco that are capable of hosting the Formula One which is a genuinely international sport. It is a Formula One or Grand Prix race which happens to be an exhibiting event that runs for three days – normally from a Friday to a Sunday. Typically before the Sunday there will be a series of qualifying and practice sessions. One of the most unforgettable Formula One racing events took place at the Brazilian Grand Prix where a wide range of close races took place.

10. National Basketball Association

National Basketball Association


The (NBA) National Basketball Association is regarded by millions as the best basketball league of professionals in the world. It is an established associate of USA Basketball (USAB), which FIBA recognizes as the nationwide overseeing body for basketball in the U.S. There are four major North American sports leagues on a professional level, including the NBA. According to the average yearly salary of an NBA player, they are considered to be the highest paid sports athletes. First called the (BAA) or Basketball Association of America, the NBA was founded during 1946 in New York City.

Olympic Games