10 Genius Stores That Will Surprise You With Their Creativity

Posted on Other Stuff 25

Shopping for everyday items after a long day at work is that mundane task some of us truly dread. There’s just something so annoying about an overly helpful shop assistant when you just want to shop in peace. And some supermarkets are so big that you can spend 20 minutes just looking for the cheese section.

However, some stores have found ways not to only solve most of the problems, but to make shopping more fun. These genius ideas collected by Bored Panda, are found in various superkarkets and stores all over the world. Which ideas would you like to implement in your local supermarkets? Tell us in the comments below!


1 This Book Store Has A “Blind Date With A Book” Section


2 My Local Supermarket Has Pre Made Kits For People To Buy And Give To The Homeless Or Food Shelters


3 At This Airport, They Have A Machine That Will Print Off Free Short Stories For You To Read While You Wait!


4 Shopping Carts In This Store Have Calculators


5 Local Mattress Store Gives You A Mini Mattress For Your Doggie When Buying A Regular One


6 This Store Lets Customers Choose Whether They Want To Be Bothered By The Staff


7 My Local Grocery Store Is Selling Unattractive Produce At Reduced Prices That Would Normally Be Tossed Out!


8 Store Offers Fresh Free Fruit For Children While Their Parents Shop!


9 My Walmart Shopping Cart Has A Store Gps Attached To It


10 This Store Sorts It’s Bananas By How Ripe They Are