10 Examples Of Brilliant Textbook Vandalism When Bored Students Couldn’t Stop Their Creativity

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Do you remember your textbooks from a boring class? Everything becomes an inspiration for a doodle in one of those. But not all doodles are created equal, and we’re here to talk about the best of the best.

From hilarious extensions to the scientific illustrations to spot-on remarks transforming the whole context of the class, these acts of vandalism might not be appreciated in every class, but they sure should get some recognition among the arts teachers.

Which one reminds your textbooks the most? Let the nostalgia flow in the comments!

demilked (h/t: brightsideboredpanda)

1 Textbook Vandalism

2 Neandertallica!

Image source: reddit.com

3 Found This In The Physical Education Textbook

Image source: twitter.com

4 Textbook Vandalism

Image source: twitter.com

5 Someone Added This To My Chem Textbook

Image source: reddit.com

6 Funny Textbook Drawing

Image source: twitter.com

7 Leaving A Gem In A Calculus Book

Image source: imgur.com

8 It Explains Everything

9 Funny Textbook Drawing

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10 Found In A Math Book