10 Best Architectural Tattoos That Will Make You Want One

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I had an on and off relationship with architecture for a while now, and there is this thing about it, that once you start examining, it sucks you in and never really let’s go. And for some, that’s even more evident as you’re about to see from these amazing architectural tattoos below.

Compiled by the guys at Bored Panda, this list offers a comprehensive look at how the skin can be used as a sketching paper for some grand ideas that the whole world might not be ready for yet. Which one is your favorite? Would you like to have one yourself? Let’s talk in the comments!


Image source: balazsbercsenyi

Image source: tattooer_nadi

Image source: ttowerempire

Image source: stacy.hounsome

Image source: Carolina Tessaroli Brandl

Image source: jeffchewtattoo

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Image source: poppytattoo_art