10 Beds that Will Leave You Resting Well

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Getting “tired” of your boring old bed? Take a look at these innovative beds that will open up a world of possibilities. Some of these beds are practical while others might break the bank, but regardless of which one is your favorite, goodnight, sleep tight, and don’t let the bedbugs bite!

1. The Hover Bed

1. The Hover Bed 2

1. The Hover Bed

Using the power of magnetism, this bed will support up to almost 2,000 pounds! It floats in the air and will leave you feeling like you’re resting on air! Don’t worry, designers have tethered it to walls on the four edges to make sure that it doesn’t shift at all while you’re sleeping. This bed is one-of-a-kind and can be yours for only 1.53 million dollars, so how much do you value your sleep?

2. The Burger Bed

2. The Burger Bed 1

2. The Burger Bed 2

Yes, this is a bed, not just a beanbag that looks like a hamburger. If you’re a fan of this American classic sandwich, you can actually end up on your own burger: the top bun is a comforter and each of the pieces is its own blanket while the patty is the mattress.

3. The Egg Bed

3. The Egg Bed 1

3. The Egg Bed 2

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be inside of an unhatched egg? This bed will get you one step closer to that feeling, the white body is like a shell and the inside is contoured specifically for your comfort. The mattress is designed specifically to support your back and spine and the bed includes built in speakers and lights that will lull you off to a comfortable sleep.

4. The Bunch-of-Grapes Bed

4. The Bunch-of-Grapes Bed 1

4. The Bunch-of-Grapes Bed 2

This bed is actually made of 120 different pieces connected together. Each “bubble” is a piece of foam covered in an elastic material that lets you shape the bed to your liking. If you want to sit up, the bed will shape to support your posture. If you want to lie down, the bed will reshape to support your sleeping posture. This is a bed for those who like to shape their own comfort.

5. Fantasy Coach, A fairytale bed

5. Fantasy Coach, A fairytale bed 1

5. Fantasy Coach, A fairytale bed 2

Step straight into your favorite Disney princess fantasy with this bed shaped like Cinderella’s magic carriage. While marketed as a child’s bed, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make your fairy-fantasies come true as an adult. With a diameter of 6 feet, you would be able to fit in this fairy tale bed, if the price will fit your budget–this bed costs $47,000.00 without any of the interior upgrades.

6. The Cosmovoide Bed

6. The Cosmovoide Bed1

6. The Cosmovoide Bed2

This bed is designed to give you the most comfortable sleep imaginable: it has springs that suspend it like a hammock, lights to help you fall asleep, and a built in entertainment system. While marketed as the most comfortable bed on the market, it will cost you the same amount as a new car. The base model goes for $60,000.00 and there are a variety of customizable options if you have more to spend.

7. The Fortress

7. The Fortress1

If you’re worried about the end of the world, being kidnapped, robbed, or being the target of an assassination attempt, this bed may be the right place to sleep. On activation, this bed hermetically seals itself and will protect you from bio-chemicals, (some) natural disasters, and bullets. If you’re worried about being stuck in the bed for a while, don’t be. The bed can be customized to have CD and DVD players as well as a microwave. All of this protection can be your for only $160,000.00 dollars.

8. Private Cloud

8. Private Cloud1

8. Private Cloud2

If this bed looks like a huge rocker, you guessed right. This bed rocks back and forth like a rocking chair, and has safeguards to keep you from rocking yourself right out of bed. If you enjoy the slow sensation of rocking as you fall asleep, this bed will cost about $6,800.00, much cheaper than other beds on this list!

9. The Scoop

9. The Scoop1

9. The Scoop2

For the modern city-liver who needs to conserve space while still keeping their rooms stylish, this bed is designed to fold into a huge circular bed at night and the unfold into a couch in the day. This dual functionality will save you space in a cozy apartment.

10. The Desk Bed

10. The Desk Bed1

10. The Desk Bed2

A one-person bed that is perfect for the college student or space-save, this bed folds up and down, providing you with a bed when you need it without having to move all of your technology around. The shelf rotates so that when the bed is folded down, your computer rests safely on the floor and when it is rotated up, the shelf becomes a desk. While this may seem perfect for a college student, the price says otherwise. This bed starts at $3650.00 depending on what kind of wood you want your bed made out of.

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