10 Badass Babies Who Don’t Care About Your Rules

Posted on Fun 78

If you think that all newborns are harmless potatoes, think again. Because we’re about to show you the list of the most badass babies you’ve ever seen.

From sucking on a bunch of hundred dollar bills instead of a dummy, to giving a ferocious look while inhaling juice – they just don’t give a poo.


1 Badass Brother

Galfeis 420

2 Just Chillin In My Jacuzzi

3 This Baby Was A Mob Boss In His Previous Life


4 1st Birthday Thug Life


5 Touch My Cake And I Will Cut You

6 You Can Talk To Me Now

7 I Was At My Buddy’s Place When His Neighbor Came Over And Said My Buddy’s Son “Blocked Him In”


8 My Son Has Been In A NICU For Over A Month Now, This Is His Reaction When A Nurse Comes In. I Think He Is Tired Of Being Messed With


9 Relaxing Like A Boss

10 I Think My Son Is Plotting Something


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